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HOST from Leeds - UK Hardcore Machinery 2011

HOST - "DEMO 2011"
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Here's a promising new and young Hardcore band from out of the UK, to say it more precise these roughnecks from HOST hailing out of the city of Leeds and they are showcasing us a great case of UK Hardcore finally seem to claiming its crown again. This is their current demo DIY release (and maybe also their debut release overall, but that I just can't tell ya that precise) and it's released (also or maybe solely, I don't know it by now, too) as an official and for free download via the Bandcamp site of the band (the link will close this very review here, as usual in cases like this) and it's again because of the great "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" ( blog that I stumbled over this band (so "Thanx!" for that!!!), and so without any more 'stoppings' we will come to the review, yehp, that's it, so here it goes: HOST are (like I've already mentioned at the beginning of this review) a very promising and more than 'just' a damn good band. They play a massive and very bully and bulky, damn fucking hard'n'heavy and truly aggressive Hardcore style of the metallic New School kind and all is filled up with a huge Sludge Core the EYE HATE GOD style and sort of sound and not to forget some few but certain Grindcore reminiscences and also some nice swedish Old School Death Metal reminiscences when it's about the guitar riffing (think about ENTOMBED somewhere between the "LEFT HAND PATH", "CLANDESTINE" and "WOLVERINE BLUES" masterpieces of them). If you like your guitar work hard and angry, noisy and mean, crushing and devastating, your rhythm section as massive pound for pound working as it only can be, and your vocals aggressive and neurotic and really damn pretty extreme, yes, then don't think twice but get this one here instaed of just complaining that you've missed something really dfamn good at the end of the day. The songwriting is already a damn good and pretty cool affair, interesting and grapping and very skillful, and the production sound is already damn proffesional (it sounds truly not like a D.I.Y. demo release), and to play on and with their instruments HOST do know more than 'only' damn good, as well as the weird and sick cover motife really rocks. The lyrics aren't part of the download (what's a pity) and I can't tell ya exactly something precise about them but I would bet that we get some pretty sinister and heavy stuff. We get all in all three songs, and the only minus points are the facts or 'points' that it's just too short on running time and on material we get from them and that the band seems to stuck in between the decision if they want to go more into the Hardcore or more into the Sludge Core direction and that HOST currently lack a little bit the 'own identity' to solve this 'problem' in a stand-alone way like SNAKEDRIVER (just for example) did it lately. But this is all what there is to say about the maybe minus points of this one here and I really believe that all this little issues will be solved by HOST in the (hopefully very near) future. I recommend this to all of you out there that are into truly damn good and forceful Hardcore (as well as Sludge Core) music and I really hope to hear very soon more of them. Another band we should really keep an eye on this very year. So, yes: Check it out!!! (8 v. 10 P.)
(Sorry, I was wrong, the download link comes without any Bandcamp site link but so it's just an MediaFire link and this one now comes here:

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