Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

... you can tell by the smell of the blood on our guitar strings me and the boys don't give a fuck what you think...

FOLSOM - "HAMMER LANE" ("Filled With Hate Records"; CD):
Las Vegas Hardcore, baby!!! Sin City's Finest are back again!!! And this with there second release on "Filled With Hate Records". Their precursor record, "NEON LIGHT NIGHTS", really took by storm. Brutal Hardcore with a lof of Mosh and Beatdown spirit in it, but all played not that packed full with Metal crap, but all played and delivered to us with a lot of hard knocking and harsh stomping Punk spirit in it, like not that many bands out of this genre do use to play their music, just great stuff!!! I was very curious about that record here, "HAMMER LANE", and nothing changed, but everything developed in a very positive way. Brutal, brachial, harsh, and very forceful, yet always given us also a good big dose of crew shouts, fist-to-the-air-sing-a-long-to-parts and some good melodic work, done in a damn great way. Somewhere between DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, DONNYBROOK and a little bit of BARCODE, but all played very unique and stand-alone, so do not expect any kind of cheap copy or 'just another band', if you know what I mean. Great band and a great record, just test it with "HAMMER LANE", the ultimate anthem "BETTER DAYS", and "SCUM LIKE ME", and you'll know what I mean. All showcasing us a very rude and rough, angry and pissed off, very authentic charme. Great!!! On top of it we do get great lyrics straight out of the desillusioned everyday life of todays Working Class, a very good and cool artwork- totally the Sin City Style, baby-, as well as a dirty and aggressive production sound. Ah, and these guys know how to play, and how to write songs, and both they know and do fuckin' damn good!!! Great band, great record, great songs, great lyrics!!! Simply great, point and fact!!! (9 of 10 points)
Now you get a video of FOLSOM playing their older song "IF YOU'RE A VIPER" live, so just enjoy it!!! Now comes the video:


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