Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Finally the first demo of the almighty BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS was released by 'Bandworm Records'

That's a very fine release that the guys of "Bandworm Records" from the german city of Magdeburg had settled together here. And a release that was truly 'over-time', truly some American Oi! and American Skinhead history. Originally it was released in the year of 1999, done in the D.I.Y. way by the band itself. As time went by only four songs of the Demo made it succesful on the debut 7" of the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS. But don't ask me why only four songs of this record resectively Demo were rereleased later, because every single track is a fucking hymn. And now that's bringing us to this rerelease. The Demo now is coming to us as a beautiful designed 12" vinyl, in yellow vinyl with black 'splatter effects' in it, and yeahr, I can tell ya, it looks great!!! Also the production sound is totally on top, don't make any mistakes in thinking bad about it just because it once was just a D.I.Y. Demo, the sound quality is truly damn good, worked a little bit over by the guitar player of the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, Joe. Now to the music, the most important thing about tht record. We do get eleven tracks, two of them are cover tunes and live versions, one is "CAN'T KILL THE BLUES" of the legendary THE ANTI-HEROS and the undying classic "BOOTS & BRACES" of SKREWDRIVER. Beside that we do get nine tracks of their own. Hard hitting and forward driven American Bootboy sound, dustdry and bonecracking American Oi! combined with dirty and raw hard rocking and even harder rolling Working Class Streetrock sound, blended here and there with some very few old school Hardcore notes. All done very stand-alone and unique, but if yo also like THE ANTI-HEROS (how could you not?), then also the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS will be your favorites. The songs vary very enjoyable and the changes in mood and pace are very grapping. It's all driven forward by the sharp and unerring guitar playing, marked by the charismatic and rough vocals, while the rhythm section is given the songs a very beefy backbone. Perfect!!! This guys know and always knew how to play their instruments, and they also know and always knew how to write songs. Great stuff!!! One hymn follows another, very anthemic and with an unbroken fist in the air fighting spirit. My personal favorites are "FIGHTING POOR" (also great lyrics), "AT LEAST IT SEEMS" (very grapping lyrics, too), "I CAN FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE", "JIMMY COONAN" and the larger than life battle anthem "TAKING THE STREETS BACK". But also the rest of the tracks are everything but a let down. Like I've already said, great stuff!!! The artwork of this release is also a pure beauty, nice cover artwork, a lot of photos, some nice graphics, and all the very good, very authentic, rough and violent lyrics. To point it out once again: You need to have this record, 'cause it's just a great record!!! Point and fact!!! It was limited to 250 copies at all, so you'll better be quick or be a fucking jackass if you would miss this fantastic record and a really historical document of the American Oi! movement and Skinhead history. The LP includes also the official MP3 Download Code given out by the label. It's an ageless record that's bringing you right back to the glory days of American Oi!, but without being or becoming retro in any only possible way, so damn good is that LP here. So: Just get it!!! (10 of 10 points)
Now you do also get two videos of the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, the first is the official promotion video of "Bandworm Records" for the "SONGS ABOUT FIGHTING" 12" LP rerelease, and the song that you hear playing is the great "FIGHTING POOR" anthem. The second video is a live video of the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS playing the THE ANTI-HEROS classic "CAN'T KILL THE BLUES" live, so just lean back and enjoy the two clips. Cheers & Oi!


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