Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

... ultima thule, that's where the ravens sing...

ULTIMA THULE - "KORPKVÄDET" ("Ultima Thule Records"; CD):
And here's already the next Vikingrock record that's waiting to be reviewed. And damn it, but this time it gets prominently, 'cause here we have the inventors, the forefathers and creators, the kings of Vikingrock. I can't tell ya currently how many years it's now been since a last proper record of ULTIMA THULE came out and hit the lights. Beside a huge load of best of and anniversary records the guys of ULTIMA THULE were more active with their Psychobilly band HOT ROD FRANKIE over the last past years, but now they are back on map under their very own banner called ULTIMA THULE. What do you think do we get here to listen to? Right, 'traditional' Vikingrock how it once was meant to be played by the guys who came up with this sound. But it's not just 'a new record of an old style of sound', no, they also pretty much developed over all the years, and this development first and foremost you'll recognize because of the bigger load of more heavyness they've put into their music, but they've done this without becoming some kind of swedish Metal band or something like that, so thumbs up and don't worry at all about it 'cause you'll like it, for sure!!! Hard pounding and very well-versed drumming, a very good present and the songs marking bass playing, heavy and forceful pushing guitar work, and the typical hymnal and melodic clean vocals singing this swedish wisdom for and to us. Hard pounding rhythms and excessive stomping very organic grooves, all good forward hard rockin' onward to Walhalla, and all ennobled by majestic leads, melody lines, and very smart guitar solo work. Sometimes I would just wish that they would change the pace of the songs quite a bit more, 'cause that would be also a proper device to break up the sometimes very inflexible rhythm structure of the songs, and it could maybe also help to configure the mood of the different songs much more exciting and different, 'cause this whole somehow 'melancholic' mood gets a little bit 'grueling' over the complete distance of this record. But okay, ULTIMA THULE had founded this music so they might know best how it's should be played at all... We do get heavy rockin' smasher, folky anthems, and beautiful ballads ("JORDEN LUKTAR GOTT" is just awesome and breath-taking, I really love it), and if you like Vikingrock in general- and especially ULTIMA THULE (how could ya not?)- you'll get here a really good record that you should not miss, even if I would have somehow expected even a bit more... but my expectations are my problem or fault, so don't understand anything wrong, 'cause this is really a pretty damn good record that everyone who's at least a little bit of a Vikingrock fan should truly call his or her own. Good stuff!!! We do get all lyrics in swedish (so don't ask me anything... but I think the typical patriotic and mythologic ULTIMA THULE mixture...), a pretty good artwork, and a a really good, hard, warm, and clear sound. Good job!!! By now you're also able to get it on vinyl via the german label "Dim Records", I think colored and limited so you better be quick before the LP version's sold out too fast. Good stuff, and if I need a fresh dose of Vikingrock that's even more than truly really good stuff then I listen to NJORD, haha;-). Good stuff!!! For sure!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

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