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JUNGLE TIGERS - "JUNGLE TIGERS 2005/2006" (Rockabilly from Germany as well as from Malaga, Spain; D.I.Y. release with the complete collections of recordings from 2005 and 2006)

("D.I.Y."; CD-R):
This is a nice little D.I.Y. demo recording and collection of the whole recorded works of this very band (in the years of 2005 and also 2006), the JUNGLE TIGERS. This band is already for quite a while active and existing now a days. This band came a long way and over the time of their existence they settled also down somewhere in Malaga, Spain where they regrouped themselves and started it new (for all what I remember), today for all what I know they are back in Germany and so the band is again to be located where they primarly used to come from before they moved down to Spain. I saw this band last autumn live in BS (= Braunschweig or Brunswick) and the concert was great, and no, not only because of the savage party and totally drunken madness my friends Johanna, Eva and Ossi and I used to have but also and first and foremost because of the fact that the JUNGLE TIGERS really celebrated a great live set and the crowd in the "Gearbox" in BS (= Braunschweig or Brunswick, again) really went totally nuts with singing, drinking and dancing all over the place. Amazing evening!!! There in my desperately drunken condition I used to talk to the guys in the band, and even I totally know nothing about it anymore (shame on me, I know) I still know that the guys were damn sympathic and really great and that they gave me this CD-R for free and thankfully I took it with me. So, yes, if you maybe read this, then finally again thanks guys!!! And what shall I say, this is great Rockabilly music, pretty traditional and old school but with a whole lot of fresh notes in it so that it all stays away from becoming some boring dull retro affair thing, and that's always good, so thumbs up for this for sure. Melodic and damn rockin' and even more rollin' guitar playing, a outstanding bass (no stand up bass bullshit, a real E-Bass ruling the scene, that's damn great of the JUNGLE TIGERS), nicely rumbling drumming, outshining and charismatic vocals, and great saxophone and harmonica playing as well. And in a through and through positive sense this album is really breathing the spirit of 1950's and 1960's Rockabilly and Rock & Roll music (as far as I can say this with being born in 1981) with a lot of Swing, Boogie and old school Rhythm'n'Blues in it. We get 17 songs in total, five more or less ''cover songs'', one of it "ACTION" as well as the awesome "KING KEROSIN" and the smooth "QUIT TEASIN' MY BABY" plus the feelingly "WAITIN' FOR SOMEONE LIE YOU" and the other one is then finally the great "ROLLIN' DOWN TO MEMPHIS", the songs cover a wide distance coming from emotional ballads going to cool dancing compatible swinging and rockin' Hot Rod rollers, and if it would not have been for some weaker songs on it they would have gotten also a better rating up here by me but also so as well this is a damn good album and you really need to check out hymns like "KING KEROSIN", "ROLLIN' DOWN TO MEMPHIS", "TIGER TWIST", "ROCKABILLY BOOGIE", "WILDEST CAT IN TOWN", "MY LITTLE SISTER'S GOTTA MOTORBIKE", "BOPPIN' HIGH SCHOOL BABY", "WILDEST CAT IN TOWN", "JUNGLE ROCK", "QUIT TEASIN' ME BABY", "APEMAN BOOGIE", and "TENNESSEE ROCK & ROLL", yeahr, and your feet will start automatically with excessive dancing. I don't know about any prices for this one or if there are still copies of it floating around, but maybe just write to the band and ask them about the currently mentioned subjects. They also wanted to record new songs that were planned to be released as a 7'' again by the band and this via the label "SLEAZY RECORDS" (based in Malaga, Spain, you see the connection) but I lost them somehow in the fucked up rough-and-tumble 2011 was somehow out of sight. I think I should finally get them back in sight again as soon as possible. The topics they sing about are the traditional Rockabilly stuff (even the lyrics in a printed form aren't part of this CD-R package), the artwork is just a photocopied paper sheet with the cover picture you can see above and with the tracklist, and the pencil written CD-R is wrapped in this paper sheet that's then plugged into a plastic sleeve, so no real artwork existing anyhow, but okay, then the production sound is very earthy and old school and so fits perfect to the music of the JUNGLE TIGERS. So, yes, all in all I can only honestly reccomend this band and album to you. Damn good stuff, nah, even better which means honestly really great stuff for sure. So check them and et it. Cheers!!! (9 of 10 points)

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