Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "UNITE AGAINST CANCER" (Oi!, Streetpunk, Punkrock, Hardcore and German Rock sampler/compilation on "LOVE-TO-HATE RECORDS" from Germany)

("Love-To-Hate Records"; CD):
First of all I really don't know when this compilation was released and also the label is beside this CD totally unknow to me. I bought it this march of the damn great THE SKATOONS and PLATZVERWEIS gig in Goslar City for 5,00 Euros or so and for all what I see the benefit that comes around is going totally in the hands of the german cancer hep foundation (or however we shall may call it). Anyhow a good thing. On this CD a lot of german Oi! and Streetpunk bands participate, as well as some good Hardcore and Punkrock and also some utter garbage German Rock crap is to be found on this very comp CD here. The quality is pretty mixed through and while some band totally rule other bands should have never been allowed to leave their rehearsal room to record and release something, very typical compilation affair, light and shadows, day and night are really close here... First class bands like VOLXSTURM (long running great German Oi!) and the GUMBLES (high quality Streetpunk, no doubt about it) as well as really topp bands like OLD NO. 7 (suprisingly good Oi!-ish Hardcore), SHOTGUN SHELL (Streetpunk fueled Hardcore eruptions), LAMMKOTZE (traditional German Oi!), PLATZVERWEIS (really strong going german Punkrock band) and partially also at least a little bit 110 PROZENT (shockingly okay to good German Rock) stay side by side with highly overrated acts like the boring Streetpunk band BARROOM HEROES, the today totally unnecessary former German Oi! veterans of the VERLORENE JUNGS, the terrible and totally overrated soccer/football hailing Streetpunks in EMSCHERKURVE 77 and the utter garbage crappy German Rock nutjobs of 4 AUSSER RAND UND BAND. Also lyric-wise light and shadows standing closely side by side. But like you may see, the moments of light and day are more in the end than the moments of shadows and night. So surely it's okay with and for me. A pretty good artwork is coming with it as well, and the production sound is more or less a through and through okay to good affair. The low price and the noble cause then speak for themselves at the end of the day. If you like to listen to Oi!, Streetpunk, Hardcore, Punkrock and some German Rock and you see this compilation then buy it and take it with you. Solid to good stuff for a low price with a righteous background, so it's all okay if not better, period. So, yes, that's it, nothing great or so but like i've written, if you see it just get it anyhow, and more I don't have to say right now. (7 of 10 points)

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