Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

EARTH CRISIS - "NEUTRALIZE THE THREAT" (Pioneers of militant and metallic Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore on "CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS" in 2011)

("Century Media Records"; CD):
Another 2011 record that I simply failed to review so far, and after this my pile of albums of 2011 to review finally is nearly completly worked through and so there's just one album left. Okay, anyhow, back to this one here. The still current EARTH CRISIS (a band that always was very important for me) album and the second one after their great comeback some few years ago. Their comeback album was already a bomb, but what they've done here is even better. Don't give a fuck about all the negative reviews this one got back then, this is an amazing album, point and fact. (Okay, why should ya give a fuck about other reviews but hail this one here done by me, I can hear you think, but trust your good old boy Manslaughter Andy in this case, haha;-)!!!) Raw, brutal, militant and über-hard and ultra-heavy metallic Bulldozer like rolling Straight Edge Hardcore with a vegan edge to it, all done more than just well-versed and fucking multi-layered as hell and the songwriting is just great, the material is very strenouos and demanding, pretty complex stuff that really needs and wants to be discovered by you, great rhythm and pace and structure work, great, all done by damn skilled musicians. A album that you won't get in total by some few superficial listening sessions, a album which greatness you have to earn by intense listening and a album that's worth every second of listening to it again and again. Monster guitar work, a violent rhythm section and incredible intense and charismatic raw and brutal throaty screamed and shouted lead vocals. Great!!! On top of it a fantastic artwork, a great production sound and first class lyrics. A album that's also part of my top ten albums of 2011, just that you know it. Okay, even this review here is a very short one I think all is said with it, just one thing left to point out: An amazing album; so just damn fucking get it as soon as possible, if you still don't have it. Hardcore!!! Fist!!! (10 of 10 points)

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