Montag, 18. Juni 2012

REBEL SON - "REDNECK PIECE OF WHITE TRASH" (Live on stage!!!) (***Video***)

Okay, just a little 'Videos' posting today (at least I currently don't think so that more will be coming this night) just to breath some more life again into the rotten lungs of this very blog and it's a live song of a great band that I thankfully discovered for me over the last two or three years, the mighty REBEL SON and they are playing their anthem "REDNECK PIECE OF WHITE TRASH" and this live on stage (if I did choose the correct video, haha;-)...) and you get from this roughnecks exactly what you now may already expect: Rockabilly, Country, Honky Tonk and Blues inflenced Rock & Roll from the Confederacy full of Blue Collar attitude and the Working Class lifestyle, sympathic and authentic Redneck Rock & Roll at its very best. I love this band, great music, great lyrics, cool message, yeahr, so now maybe just you enjoy it. Cheers!!!


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