Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

STOMPER 98 - "ANTISOCIAL" (***Video***)

Hey guys, now just a little 'Videos' posting for you. A little video clip (at least we will call it so) to a still pretty new song by still one of the very best still active german Oi! bands, the mighty STOMPER 98. From left to right and from the ''keep it true and exclusively closed for the shaven heads'' Oi! and Skinhead elitist scene hipsters to the ''all and everyone is welcomed in our peacefully united subcultural world'' self proclaimed oh so open minded sell out nutjobs, nah, forget this crap, also forget the hype everyone is making around and because of this band, fuck it, either you like the music or not, and that should be the bottom line and not this bullshit cheap talk affairs. And I really like the music very very much. Stop to talk the talk, instead of it rather walk the walk. Fuckin' damn good band and their song here, "ANTISOCIAL" (no, not a SKREWDRIVER cover song) rocks okay, yeahr!!! Enjoy it and then sleep well and good night!!! Cheers & Oi!


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