Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

*** Update *** Dateup *** Update ***

Hey folks, just a little update for ya all out there: I'll be out of town for a few days, I'll back at Thursday evening (or Friday morning), so don't expect any new postings (I have a lot in store for ya) anytime before this dates. I'm gonna working on getting a new job (my 'working schedule') and also I'll spend two nice days (beside my 'working schedule') with my chica amante, and I don't have any possibility to go online at where I will be the next few days, yes, so that's why there won't be coming anything for ya before the (late) evening of Thursday or sometime at Friday here on this blog. I'm about to start my little journey in a few hours, hm, so maybe there will be also no other new 'weighty' post coming today, but later this week things will be started up again, don't worry. That's it for now, have a good week and in general a good time. Cheers & Oi!
(PS: I have a new poll up here, and after the last one turned out to be a 'farce' ;-) please participate in this, because it would be a very good 'help' for me to get the blog worked out even more in a way you, the readers, do like to read it most. Thanx a lot for your time!!! Ah, and nobody should be wondering or worrying about the fact that latest not that many Oi! stuff was up to read here, 'cause it'll be back soon:-)!!!)

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