Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

Stoner - Sludge - Doom ... name it like you want, but it's great stuff ... straight out of the Netherlands!!!

Hey folks, here's coming the next post for ya, and it's only a little one, one of the sort of the 'Videos' category. You'll now get a video of the dutch Doom band STARVE, and even the video isn't really a video after all it's still one hell of a great song of a band that was before one or two weeks totally unknown to me, but I will write more about them pretty soon when you get the review of the newest record up here to read. It's late and I'm tired after the last somehow hard but anyhow just damn fantstic and great days, so yes, that's the reason why I'll keep this post here short, and more about STARVE from soon on. Now just enjoy this great song, and then have a good night. At least that's what I now wish ya, 'cause my bed is calling me;-).


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