Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

"Leave the scene if you can't live it, you're all cunts, you're all fake!"

("Barracuda Records"; CD):
Hm, WTF is going on, I mean do ya really feel the need to become as an Oi! band part of an Fascist Rock label like "BARRACUDA RECORDS" that's well known for releasing shitloads full of NS/WP Fascist Rock like NATIVI and other degenerated lowlife subhuman scumbag crap like this?!? So, yes, I can't tell ya why BATTLE SCARRED seem to feel this need anyway (and again), because for what I would say and for what I do know I would still call them an Oi! band and nothing less or nothing else, maybe a little bit more because I would still call them a very authentic and also sympathic and not to forget also a really good Oi! band coming to us down from the high north of Sverige in Scandinavia. So, okay, enough said 'bout this topic... (And I know that this isn't their first release for "BARRACUDA RECORDS".) Straight on now to their newest and current release "GEVALIA", a record released in 2010 and dedicated to their hometwon, yes, Gevalia. Lyrically the whole record is filled with Patriotism, living proud and unbroken the Oi! Way of Life (how they define it for themselves),  fuck ups to the society we are all forced to live in, drinking and fighting, Unity, violence, history, taking revenge on backstabbing cowards and vengeance in general, yes, and so you get a pretty good impression of what BATTLE SCARRED are telling us all here. And even the lyrics aren't nothing breathtaking it's still good stuff anyway. Musically we get sharp and melodic and hymnal, yet pretty hard and rough-and-tough Oi! Oi! Oi! music from Sverige. And it's all done really good. No doubt about it. The songs are marked by the lead vocals of the two vocalists of BATTLE SCARRED and the good and strong pushing guitar work (heavy guitar riffing, catchy melodies and often really anthemic leads), as well as the nicely present good bass playing and the tight and 'timing-save' drumming, as well as the large Sing-A-Longs. Yes, it's a good release of Oi! coming from Sverige, but it's also nothing more. Just the pace and the rhythm of the songs really need to be varied more in general, some 'up-shakers' aren't enough to keep me interested about the complete running time of the album. But anyhow, a good record, even nothing else... I mean, good is good and good stays good, no problem with and no doubt about it, I mean, there are a lot of bands out there that will never ever reach the aim to release a one single good good record only once in their 'existence-time' as a band, but I've somehow expected something else, somehow a little bit more of BATTLE SCARRED, something like at least a truly very good record, but okay, that's maybe just my personal mistake and so also just my personal problem, haha;-). But anyhow to me "GEVALIA" is getting at some parts something like a little bit boring, sadly enough, and a very good (or even a better) record never gets boring, and that's the 'X-Factor', that's the difference and that's what I am really missing here, this complete grap, that's what this record here is really lacking. Anyhow... Hm, but I think some guys will maybe have their problems more with the collaboration of BATTLE SCARRED with Bisson of the Vikingrock (?) band ENHÄRJARNA and the NS/WP Rock band STEELCAPPED STRENGTH... Ah, by the way, BATTLE SCARRED still do express their special relationship to and with Germany with this record, by doing a very good cover of the RABAUKEN. And they do also a cover of the TOY DOLLS as well. It's a good record that you should give at least a fair try if you're into some good Oi! Oi! Oi! music, especially if you're into some good Oi! Oi! Oi! music coming from Sverige. Good stuff, nothing less and nothing else (but also nothing more). Ah, and for what I know there shall also an LP version of "GEVALIA" be coming, on the german label "DIM RECORDS". Or is it already out?!? I don't know... Ah, by the way, before I forget about it, the artwork looks really fucking good, and the production sound really is okay if not even a lot better. So, yes, like I've already said, give it a good and fair try. (8 of 10 points)

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