Freitag, 16. April 2010

Punkrock! goes H.1.N.1.

"PUNKROCK!" Issue No. # 11 (spring 2010, including a free CD)
(Fee: 3,00 Euro)
Here it comes, the review of the current issue of the "PUNKROCK!" print fanzine. It's coming with a great cover artwork, all in all a little bit under the influence of the H.1.N.1. pig influenza, you know, one of the hottest topics of the second half of the last past year. Ah, and we do also get a free CD sampler, it's the current "CONCRETE JUNGLE records" label sampler, but, hm, okay, it's free and so, but it's absolutely not my barrel of whiskey or however you like to call it, but however, I guess so I have the next birthday present for a buddy of mine already in store, haha;-). So, now, what do we get to read here: A lot of interesting stuff, that I can tell ya. We do get really that much content, so that I will just name you my favorites: The tour diary of the Australia tour of the SPERMBIRDS is just great, the interviews with CHUCK RAGAN, EISENPIMMEL, HELLRATZ, NIGHT FEVER, NEIN NEIN NEIN, and the KAPUT KRAUTS are really damn great, and the interview with FRANK ZANDER is truly just brilliant. Beside that we do get much more, like very good reviews of records, books and fanzines, and also a big bunch of well done columns and a good final part of the "SKINHEAD - SPIRIT OF '69" history-story. All good and fine, but I'm really fed up with that whole with us or against us attitude bullshit, the ridiculous and defaming witch-hunt on all and everyone who's not sharing the views of the guys of the "PUNKROCK!" zine, no matter if it are bands, private persons or fanzines, everyone who's not totally on the same page with the "PUNKROCK!" zine writers finds himself to be defamed as a Nazi friend, etc. pp., and that really sucks!!! I can't tell ya how much it is annoying me!!! Guys, get a real life and stop to think you own the stone of wisdom!!! Even you are not that totally wrong with a lot of your criticism, but you are also not that right, so stop that bullshit, 'cause it damn sucks!!! Beside that: Surely still a fuckin' good zine, all witten in german and in good tonguing, coming with a coloured cover and with a black / white layout when it comes to the content of the zine, all done very good and very professional. If you like Punkrock, Hardcore, Streetpunk, etc., then give it a try.

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