Montag, 26. April 2010

Sometimes the TWEEENY kills faster than the butler...

Whoo, somehow I always missed this CD, rspectively I've somehow always forgotten to write a review to this nice pretty record. The founding members of TWEEENY KILLS FASTER (a.k.a. T.K.F.) came together again in the autumn of the year of 2009, and they settled this record together. Lars xFinchx K., Lars L., and 'The Red' decided to jump on the horse again, and to ride the ride further. They took their old songs and recorded them in a new sound, everything totally acoustic, like the CD title tells us. Hm, if I remember it correctly, then this was an old idea of the guys that they now finally realized. And what shall I say, they really done it in a very good way. T.K.F. used to play very cool and damn good melodic Punkrock the 1990's way, and here you get it the acoustic way played. And yes, it's a very good thing, not at least because it sounds truly very self-contained and stand-alone, so guys, thumbs up!!! They worked the songs over, and sometimes they also changed the lyrics a little but significant bit. What shall I tell ya more, if you like acoustic guitars, very emotional and passionate vocals, strong emotions and music that really owns the ability of giving you goosepimples, then you should get in touch with the guys to get this record. It's also done pretty nice in the singer & songwriter style of musical things, so if you like that kind of music, then also check this record out, too. And, a personal thing, the songs bring back a lot of old memories to my mind from the good old days, and that in a positive way, good times that ued to be when I think about it, but the best and interesting stuff at it is to see how things, times and people have changed over all the years, and you know what: It's good to see that times are changing and that you're moving on, to develop yourself, but not loosing your focus or your precious social contacts!!! Solidarity!!! Loyalty!!! And how much times and things have changed... you get an idea of it when you listen to the changed lyrics of the ultimate T.K.F. hymne "Friday". Really great work!!! Ah, and guys, do me a favour, please get back together as soon as possible and rock the stage again, and do me a second favour, please play this acoustic songs live!!! It would be so damn great!!! And you, the readers, don't think to long about it, if you ask me, get in contact with the guys and GET THIS CD!!! The Cd- okay, the CD-R, all black in black- comes in a very good, beautifully down to earth production sound, and in a very nice designed artwork. Damn good stuff!!! (9 of 10 points)

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