Sonntag, 20. November 2011

PUNISHABLE ACT - "UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT (- DOGS OF HARDCORE)" (Hardcore Godfathers from Berlin, Germany going finally strong again in 2011)

("Punishable Style Records" / "Core Tex Records" / "One Voice Records" / "Spook Records"; MP3-Download):
Yeahr, the champs are back, PUNISHABLE ACT the roughnecked Hardcore silverbacks from Berlin, Germany are back in 2011 with their current release and this one will be released in form of various physical copies (CD's and I would also bet that good old vinyl will be at the starting line, too) by the above mentioned labels in a cooperated working agreement, and it's also released as a official MP3-Download by the band itself for free at their homepage (for all interested the link will as usual follow at the end of this review). I think the last full length album of them was titled "RHYTHM OF DESTRUCTION" or something like this and was released some few years like something like two or three if not four years or so ago. Hm, thinking about it I just can tell ya that it really was and surely still is a really truly good record... but why the fuck I don't have it and why I'm not into it that much I can't tell ya somehow; I always loved PUNISHABLE ACT and their "ANTI-VISION" (2003) masterpiece and their even better "FROM THE HEART TO THE CROWD 1993 - 2006" (2006) gift were and still are and will remain to be sheer classics and masterpieces and beside all the pretty big attention that (also damn good and legendary) german Hardcore acts like the RYKER'S, BRIGHTSIDE and so on got I always felt and thought that PUNISHABLE ACT have been treated not right with standing behind the above respectively current mentioned bands, hm, but anyway, PUNISHABLE ACT are back and still here and they show who really owns the crown when it's about Hardcore in and from Germany. Born and bred in the legendary 1990's tradition of New York Hardcore like MADBALL, SICK OF IT ALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT and the CRO-MAGS as well as great 1990's Eurocore like BACKFIRE!, HARD RESISTANCE, RIGHT DIRECTION and ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS (as well as the SPIDER CREW and BUST THE CHAIN) the roughnecks of Berlin named PUNISHABLE ACT really made their own thing and created their own unique thing of P.A.B.-Hardcore sound and music, all driven by a authentic and steadfast "Unity!" screaming and demanding vision. Authentic and real Hardcore we do get from them, battle-scarred, gladiatorial, and unbroken and unbowed with a lot of pride, honour, trust and respect, dedication and devotion to the music and the message and all it stands for, spitting society and all trendies and weak-hearted right into the eye before and also after crushing their faces. Charismatic and tough, hard and very rhythmic accentuated shouted lead vocals, harsh and just sheer and pure force guitar work full of dynamics and energy and ship loads of power and style, a bitter and angry evil chuggling and bubbling fat and broad energetic and forceful bass playing, and massive and stunning heavy drumming, all is done very well flowing and varying, tight and experienced and well-versed, the interesting and rousing songwriting is totally top notch work and that these guys take no prisoners and damn fucking know how to play their instruemnts right and what to do with them I think I don't really have to point that all out. A big mass of great twists and turns and totally grapping suprises we get as well just listen to the DANZIG like "ALL I WANT" that sounds like DANZIG goes Hardcore, brilliant and damn awesome. Mighty Sing-a-long parts and powerful crew back up chants round it all up, and some good doses Oi! and Punk influences there, some few healthy doses of Metal impressions here, and it all is getting even far better. Hardcore at its very best!!! Period!!! For all of you who really still don't know PUNISHABLE ACT then let me say it this way, if you can imagine a very self-constrained and totally stand-alone mixture out of MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, SPIDER CREW and BACKFIRE! and if this imagination knows to please your gusto then don't think twice but just get this album, and that's a fact, period. Great diverse and authentic as well as sympathic lyrics, a perfect fitting heavy and hard, yet clean (in a positive way) as well as transparent production sound and a really pretty nice artwork (even I totally dislike the coverart and how they in a total stupid and clichè and mostly non-realistic way showcase some of the greatest dogs ever- to say it this way, even it sounds a little bit strange, sorry, but that's due to the fact that I'm not writing in my mother tongue- and it could also be a fucking Gangsta Hop'n'Hip'n'Rap cover artwork, and damn it, but it totally sucks) on top of it all, the totally complete package. And supreme in every sense. This one here really owns all the potential to be up in the top ten of the list of this years releases. So get the download and buy also the album at the record dealer of your choice and trust. Awesome, what you've done here with your new album guys, much respect goes out to Berlin to you. Forever PUNISHABLE ACT!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

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