Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

... islamic rednecks ready for attack, their soulless truth filled with crack...

After posting a video of them some days ago now here's also coming the review to their current release, the "WAR CRIMINAL" named first full length of this Goslar City Boys, done and released all in all in the D.I.Y. way of dong things. It's from 2008 but after there's no newer record out I don't feel ashamed to review it just right now. THROAT-CUT are do playing old school Deathcore, so you need to have a faible for Death Metal and 'extreme' Metal stuff like this, if not you don't need to read further in any necessary way. (Okay, just if you feel the need to go ahead with reading;-)...) So okay, now to this record here: It's a good thing that I truly wouldn't have accepted, to be honest. When I think back to the "END OF THE LINE" MCD from 2006, brrr, then this was nothing than a total dissapointment to me, lyrically as well as musically. And after this whole Metal stuff is for already quite a long, long while of about a decade or so not really my music any more, yeahr, what shall I say, I wouldn't have expected a really better outcome this time than before. But, ha, things can change, and so done it the quality of the music of THROAT-CUT. You can best describe them as Deathcore, and the direction they take goes to DYING FETUS, MISERY INDEX, etc. (but okay, without having that production budget, and also not that technical skills at all, but who cares at the end of the day as long as they know how to write songs), but all very much more the old school way of style and music. So you can also get aware of influences of (old) SUFFOCATION and stuff like this. And then there are also several Core influences, from some only very few Crustcore notes over some Grindcore marks to a lot of Hardcore influences the CARNIVORE, DRECKSAU (singer Marcus once was the singer of this german band from Nürnberg, and THROAT-CUT do also cover "Störsyndrom" of DRECKSAU here on this record) and especially WARPATH way of Hardcore music. All done pretty good and unique, so yeahr, like I've said, Deathcore the old school way of style and music that should also please especially the traditional Death Metal fans out there, you know, this guys who use to shake heir heads at concert as if they would want to get rid of something. Marked by brutal guitar riffing tempests, thundering Blast Speed parts, and bloody old school Mosh parts, and cultivated by evil Death Metal Grunts and Screams, that's the music of THROAT-CUT that's also pretty much free of typical Metal Clichè crap. Thumbs up!!! A brutal punsh straight in your face!!! Also we get a bunch of almost pretty good lyrics on top of it. Some political issues they deal with, and what shall I say, some typical bullshit anti-U.S.A. and anti-George W. Bush lyrics that no clear thinking guy needs anyhow, but also some good and profound lyrics against islamofascists (what's really a rarity in this whole german subcultural P.C. music landscape, and yes, also THROAT-CUT are pretty much P.C., just to point that out), also a lot of personal issues (Marcus, damn it, who the fuck pissed you off that much, haha;-)...) and also some very sick and weird lyrics (damn it, "ASPIRATION", ha, who was it that saw too much and too often all this bullshit "Saw" movies, haha;-)...) we do get. The lyrics are coming in english and german, as well as from time to time both languages are mixed together into one song-lyric. All in all also a good job on the lyrical front after all. But what's always a pity, that you usually just can't understand the lyrics of such Death Metal and/or Deathcore bands because of this growl-grunt-and-scream vocals. Hm, I'm always asking myself: "Why then just write lyrics?" But okay, how-ever, then we do also get a nice artwork (but the covermotif, uhm, oh so evil U.S.A. and oh so evil texas- watch the flags in the back and connect it to the title of the record- and the oh so evil dollar note and the even more evil Illuminates- watch the pyramid-, it's pretty much this conspiracy garbage that I just can't stand about the (cover-) artwork at all), all the lyrics, and it's all coming in a very nice dirty and hard production sound. It's for a long, long time now really not the music I need to be happy in life anymore, but from time to time some good Death Metal and/or Deathcore record won't hurt nobody- as if Corporate Rock Music could do this anyhow...-, and this one here you should really lend one or better two ears if you're from time to time in it. Especially the sympathic and authentic old school charmè really knows how to rock and rule. Good job!!! (8 of 10 points)

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