Sonntag, 15. August 2010

*** "They try to burn the flag and say it's free speech, is this the lesson our teachers teach?" ***

That split release here was released back in 2003 by the "Reality Clash records" label (you know, that's also where great bands like COUNTERATTACK and BATTALION 86 once released their stuff). Yes, I know, also this record is already a little bit older, but since it's the final release (for what I know) by both bands I don't feel uncomfortable with reviewing it even today, so shut up!!! Both bands are nowadays defunct, what's really a pity!!! And also both bands came from the city of Atlanta, ha, and that's always a good homeground when it comes to American Oi! music!!! TERMINUS CITY did have some more releases out (two split 7 inch singles, one with SISTER MARY ROTTEN COTCH- don't ask me anything, 'cause I haven't a single clou what this may be at all...-, and one with the great American Oi! band of the MAIN STREETS SAINTS from Kansas City, one full length record and one 7 inch single just featuring themselves), but for NO HOLDS BARRED, hm, for what I do know that's the only proper release that they have ever released, beside some demo affairs. At the time when this record here was released TERMINUS CITY and NO HOLDS BARRED do showcased some personnel crosstalks, but how-ever, same city, same scene, same crew, so why not, right!!!???!!! NO HOLDS BARRED were also the home for former ADOLF AND THE PISS ARTISTS members, even Eddie Bastard of the great and lgendary PATRIOT joined them for a while, and THE VATICANS were born out of NO HOLDS BARRED after they went seperate ways back in 2004 (or so...). And NO HOLDS BARRED are also starting this split program off. Well-paced and really hard, yet melodic and very sing-a-long American Oi! of the first class!!! Very sharp and edged guitar playing, a fantastic and really very present hard booming bass playing, forceful drumming, and hard, yet clear lead, full and charismatic lead vocals, that're the ingredents of that NO HOLDS BARRED are incubating their very stand-alone and really damn great American Oi!, dry, hard, fast, and powerful, also really anthemic, and very 'pure' if you know what I mean, just 'pure' American Oi! music without any trendy or what-so-ever bullshit influences in it. If you are searching for some very stand-alone, hard, fast, and hymnal American Oi! of the first class, dustdry and bonecracking played, all very, very well-versed, then make sure that on your search you do find NO HOLDS BARRED!!! After NO HOLDS BARRED then TERMINUS CITY take the order of this split. Like already said also TERMINUS CITY were from Atlanta, they were around for quite a while from 1998 to 2004 and had released quite a nice bunch of records over this six years, and they were born out of CRASH AND BURN. They were close friends with NO HOLDS BARRED. In 2004 they played their farewell show with the german Psychobilly champs of MAD SIN and went seperate ways, and some of this ways led them to working for "GOOD CLEAN FUN" TATTOOS. And of course, also like already said, at sometime some guys of NO HOLDS BARRED also played in TERMINUS CITY and vice versa. To describe or review their music, let me start this way, if you like NO HOLDS BARRED then you also will like TERMINUS CITY. Well-paced and guitar driven American Oi! music of the premium class!!! Very focussed and deadly precise aimed, hard, dry, dirty, and edged guitar playing, a facebreaking and skullsmashing hard, bulky, massive, and very tight and sovereign and experienced rhythm section, and sharp, hard, yet clean and clear, also again very charismatic lead vocals to lead the direction. But they've more good old Punkrock integrated in their music, maybe also here and ther some very few Hardcore marks, and of course, they know (or knew) how to goddamn fuckin' rock hard and fast and dirty and heavy. Also very hymnal and catchy, great!!! And yes, damn good musicians at work here with TERMINUS CITY!!! (As well as with NO HOLDS BARRED, too.) Both bands are pure gold, if not platinum, and it's really a damn big pity that both bands are now-a-days defunct for quite a while. Both bands do also give us a big bunch of very great lyrics about different issues and topics, from the everyday life and struggle, the Skinhead and Bootboy Way of Life, political statements, critical of society and the ruling policy and the outcome of the capitalistic system, fuck off's to commies, and muh more that's really remunerate. Both bands deliver us their songs in a very good hard and earthed production sound, as well as the artwork of this record looks just awesome and great!!! Okay, I still think that split records should be released strictly on vinyl, but okay, at the end of the day that's just not that important at all. But what's really that important is the fact that you really desperatly need to have this record that's featuring two of the very best American Oi! bands of the last decade!!! Great!!! Both bands are stand-alone acts, both bands do get ten out of ten points, so I think you know what this record gets here, right!!!???!!! Get it while you still can!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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