Freitag, 13. August 2010


Whooa, and again the next record of the 'controversial sort' that's been reviewed here by me. Problems with it? Don't read it! (Or maybe read it anyhow!) No problems with it? Okay, let's go! BETTER DEAD THAN RED are an American R.A.C. from the South of the U.S.A., from Carolina or so I think. This one is their still current record, for what I do know, but it's already four years old, released back in 2006, but okay, a self-titled record of 2009 shall be floating around, but I've seen or heard nothing of it, so I just stay with that one here. Ah, and at least some guys of BETTER DEAD THAN RED also play in EMPIRE FALLS, just that you know it. Ah, and this one was and is and stays the third full length record of BETTER DEAD THAN RED. I already knew their two precursor releases, "A BETTER LAND" (2000) and "THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO" (2001), and while "THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO" was at least a solid record, but also nothing somehow what would make you think: "Yeahr, damn it, I have to own it!!!", especially "A BETTER LAND" was a terrible record, boring like not much else. So I wasn't really intrested in this record, and that's the reason why I really just got it some weeks from now ago. I've got it for a very fair price, so yeahr, why not giving it finally try, that's how I thought. And it wasn't a mistake, I would have missed a positive suprise with missing this one. And yes, it's R.A.C., it's nationalistsic, anti-communist, conservative, law and order, proud of creed and heritage, critical on the ruling system, declining the existing state, but for what I do get it's not WP or NS, and so it's all fine with me. (And even it's not, don't forget, it's a record review and not a debate on politics or something like this.) We do get fifteen tracks at all, and they've developed pretty much. It's some hard R.A.C. that's really build up upon the beefy backbone of the massive rhythmsection, blasting drums and forceful bass work come together in one damn hell of a musical brawl, and that's marked by some very harsh, yet melodic guitar playing, and the sheer brutal voice of the lead singer. It's not really good comparable to or with other R.A.C. bands and releases, if from the States or not does not matter. Hard and angry music, pissed off as fuck but also still coming with some really good worked out melodies. Good stuff, for sure!!! Musically it's a mixture out of hard and grumpy R.A.C., pissed off (old school) Hardcore, hymnal Oi! sounds, and some good old Punkrock notes to it. All played really, really good, and the songs are mostly written in a really grapping way. Check them out!!! More or less R.A.C. typical lyrics, sometimes smarter, sometimes not that smart at all, and okay, that said must be enough when it comes to their lyrics. Nice looking artwork, even for example the frontcover is totally clichè, and the production sound is a really good one. So, yeahr, that record here you can really give a fair chance and a good round to try it out. Good stuff!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

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