Samstag, 30. April 2011


("Nuclear Blast" & "Metal Hammer"; CD):
Okay, this CD here was once a free garnish of a past "METAL HAMMER" magazine issue and it's a live album of the band of the name of DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER and I really don't know if this album was ever planned to be released as an official or commercial live album recording or if it ever was released once this way... so don't ask me anything about it. Anyway, the band, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER (a.k.a. in english "THE FOUR HORSEMEN" or the "(FOUR) RIDERS OF THE APOCALYPSE" or something like this) is a german band and they play Metal music and I've never listened to them anyhow, haha;-). I just remember that I once (probably some-time around 1996 or 1997 or so) listened to a song called "METAL WILL NEVER DIE"... but this was a very long while ago and so I really can't remember any part of this track and that's also the reason why I can't tell ya if the song "WE WILL NEVER DIE" (that you can find on this CD here) is something like "METAL WILL NEVER DIE" with some smehow changed lyrics or what the hell else ever... But anyhow, I was never interested in this band and if this CD hadn't been grapped by me for free, hehe;-), I would probably have never ever listened to at least only one single DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER song. Would this had been something bad?!? Even this CD and especially band is lightyears and lightyears and lightyears away from becoming anything like anyhow favorites of me this is really some intersting shit that they settled together, and hell no, it's definitely not your anyhow ordinary Metal band. They mix traditional teutonic Heavy Metal (HELLOWEEN) and 'opera-like' (German) Power Metal (BLIND GUARDIAN) with 1990's New School Trash Metal like PANTERA and the PISSING RAZORS, and on top of it we do also get Gothic Metal/Rock and Dark Metal elements, somehow also pretty much RAMMSTEIN impressions come to my mind and all is delivered to us by pretty charismatic and diverse lead vocals, sawing and heavy yet symphonic guitar playing, a very cool organ/piano, a nice rhythm session that's pretty diverse and tight at work, a lot of interesting and more or less pretty often somehow grapping songwriting that holds some nice suprises (beside a lot of stuff where you just can say that it is really enough at such points), and to play their instruments DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER really know anyhow. Okay, from PANTERA over BLIND GUARDIAN and also HELLOWEEN to RAMMSTEIN and all mixed by some Dark Metal and Gothic Rock is a pretty wide distance to go and if ya ask me then it's maybe them who fail to walk the walk or it's maybe me who can't follow them (and who don't want to follow them... maybe...) and if ya ask me it's just all in all far too much what they are playing and doing here, they should really cut some stuff off and see what happens then... But who am I to give advice(s)?!? ;-) Okay, it's really not my stuff at all, even it's at least some solid stuff, but nothing more. Nice lyrics (even nothing anyhow 'special'), great artwork and really brilliant production respectively recording sound. Risk an ear, but more I can't recommend it here to you. (6 of 10 points)

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