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"WAHRSCHAUER" - Issue no. # 59 (Winter & spring 2011)
Fee: 4,90 Euro (includes a free issue CD sampler compilation)
Okay, again more of a magazine than of a fanzine, hm, but who cares about it that much at all... at least I really don't give a damn about it by myself. The "WAHRSCHAUER" is a very well established long time running german politically very left winged magazine between music, underground culture and left politics. Okay, the strong impact of politics and in this case here in particular left politics brings some problems with it (like it always does when politics take the lead, NO matter if left or right, and that the assfucked and braindead jackasses of the radical and more and more extreme becoming right are also totally nutjobs that no one need- and I would bet even not their parents- we don't need to discuss here anyhow) and in the case of this magazine it's really that it is totally stucked deep down into this whole "With us or against us!"-attitude and the thinking of knowing and owning the key to total wisdom and defaming everyone who's not totally on the same page as some dumb and stupid Nazi and Fascist friend if not even far more. It really makes me sick and wanna puke, point and fact!!! Why the left is doing the same thing as the right and is thinking and acting the same way is something I will never understand and it is something that really makes me feel sad... But okay, that said let us do get worked through the review of this very issue here: First of all, where I thought that the solely concentration only on music of the guys that are doing the "BIG FIVE" magazine sucked and took some of the potential of this magazine away I have here to say that the "WAHRSCHAUER" should really need to focuss finally more on the music again. It's been a while now since I've bought 'my' last issue of the "WAHRSCHAUER" magazine and I was really wondering where the hell the reviews of records and stuff like this had gone in the time in between 'my' last one and this very issue here. Okay, also the reviews of other fanzines and magazines you will search for without any kind of success at all, hm, and also reviews on or introductions of movies and gigs aren't to be found here. We still get the free compilation CD on top of it (some good stuff you will find on this one for sure) as well as interviews with all the bands that participate on this compilation sampler CD. Also a lot of other interviews we do get to read and then there is as usual the politics-special and this time it's all about 'Revolution 2.0' ("twitter", the world wide web and revolution, etc. pp.) and so also nearly in every interviw the bands get asked about their standpoint to revolution(s) in general and theso called 'Revolution 2.0' in particular... as if this would be anyhow interesting after all... Btw: After what?!? ... Then we do also get some special reports (French Underground, a interview with a 'Ultra' fan group of the the oh so anti-fascist and anti-capitalist german soccer club 'FC St. Pauli', etc. pp.) and some few introduction words. That's it!!! Even the guys that are doing the "WAHRSCHAUER" magazine may think different about it but this is everything but a anyhow 'special' magazine or so and it is all even not so interesting and grabbing at all, not at least because nearly ALL interviews are far too facile at all. Okay, anyway, maybe I'm also not really a member of the target audience of the "WAHRSCHAUER" magazine... and thank the mighty Buddha for this!!! All done and written in german, done in good layout, and all on totally politically correct eco-friendly paper it's printed, not so good tonguing at all (by several different writers), and that's all. Check it out if you think the 'Revolution 2.0' is something really that interesting for you... otherwise I would not recommend it to you anyway!!! Ah, btw, just some names of the bands and so you get interviews with to finally close this review: SLIME (what a non-sense talk, this band- at least specific memebers of it in particular- really need a damn reality check...), EGOTRONIC (bullshit music by a bullshit band and a totally un-needed interview), BAD RELIGION (okay, a interview with this legends can only be at least a damn good one, and so it's also here the case), SONDASCHULE (pfff...), ABWÄRTS (were once pretty important to me... once... fifteen years ago or so...), ALEXIS ON FIRE (great band, great lyrics, great music... but just an okay interview...), DRITTE WAHL (damn good band and also a nice interview, and also a nice tour diary of them touring Cuba), THE RIOT BEFORE (great interview, really a suprise...), MAD SIN (way too facile...), NINA HAGEN (bitter stuff...), PAUL DI'ANNO (what a bullshit talking and writing...), and also with RAWSIDE, COR, DRONGOS FOR EUROPE, OIRE MUTTER, SMALL TWON RIOT, DONOTS, SS-KALIERT, DIE KNAPPEN, THE SKATOONS, RADIO HAVANNA, TOCOTRONIC, and many, many more. That's it, like I've said, if you are heavily interested in the so called 'Revolution 2.0' then maybe you should grab a copy of this issue, hm, but otherwise better don't think about reading this magazine... Really a dissapointment... (Ah, and don't ask me if a new issue is already out or when it ever will come out... but when it will be out you should be able to buy it nearly 'everywhere'- if you want to do so- like also this issue here, too...)

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