Sonntag, 26. August 2012

INSTINTO - "INSTINTO" (Apocalyptic Crustcore inferno from Bacelona, Spain + Download - Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
First of all, I think that this album was also released on 12'' LP vinyl format via "SVOBODA RECORDS" (? - never heard of this record label before, but to judge by their internet appearence they are pretty active and seem to be a bunch of good guys) or something like this, but (at least - still - currently) I only have it as the official MP3-Download that the band itself put up on their Bandcamp site. I also don't know if there are still any copies of the 12'' LP floating around, and this all not at least because before some few days - one week or so - this very band here was totally unknown to me. I stumbled upon them when I was searching through the web surfing for some new bands (at least new bands to me) that won't fail to convince me. I've stumbled upon them, listened shortly to their musick and quickly got the download, they blasted me drastically and totally away. INSTINTO are again one more great Crustcore band that I discovered recently, roaring their apocalyptic thundering by D-Beat Hardcore as well as by Death Metal and also by Thrash Metal influenced and fueled infernal Crustcore from out of the gutters of the city of Barcelona in Spain. And they are one hell of a damn great band!!! This is a surely by terminative D-Beat fueled ''armaggedal'' intense hard as nails and heavy as a pile of steel carriers Crustcore materpiece with mostly if not always a very high and fast pace of the songs but also a incredible great songwriting that leaves no blank holes open and is full of truckloads over truckloads of grapping and interesting suprises and moments and heated if not even fired up by a huge dose of thrashing metallic riffing and heavy Death Metal influences in general, especially the guitars are very Death Metal fueled, and Sverige Death Metal in particular, just take a listen to the phenomenal and damn atmospheric and incredible apocalyptic threatening and gloomy, sinister as well as with this also very catchy and melodic if not surely symphonic in a literally sense guitar leads and guitar solos. It's amazing!!! The guitar riffing is brutal and harsh, heavy and hard and cultivated if not crowned by the mentioned leads and solos, while the brutal and devastating, slightly screamed in a guttural way and especially throaty shouted and grunted very charismatic and also pretty ctachy and hymnal lead vocals are really outshining stuff and surely fucking incredible strong and really melt this whole affair named INSTINTO together. The forceul, very massive, damn tight and precise working rhythm section then is the mighty powerstation to keep this all going on strong and coming off big. To the lyrics I can't say that much after all, my Spanish became pretty bad, but the coverartwork is simply fantastic and the production sound is pure gold. If you love WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE then you will also love this amazing great band, INSTINTO from Barcelona, Spain, but don't make the mistake to think they would copy the almighty Crusties from Sverige, no, they do their very own thing out of it. I don't know what I now should write here anyhow more, this is a fucking great band, really amazing, and surely some good way but also not too far behind the almighty current WOLFBRIGADE masterpiece "DAMNED" this here is the best Crustcore release for 2012, at least if you ask me, and this very one here is highly reommended by me fo you. (10 of 10 points)


  1. Hi!!The first Lp from INSTINTO is yet available!!!Five labels (svoboda records,grita o muere,mass prod,angry voice,hysterical rds)...
    If you want to trade no problemo!!!!
    Cheers and beers!
    Djaymz svoboda

    1. Hey man, great record (like I've written). Unfortunately I just do this blog and don't run a distro or label or so and so currently I have not that much of a clue what to trade, haha ;-) ... But I will do some thinking about it... Maybe just write me a e-mail and then we will figure it out, buying or trading, just write me and let me know. Cheers!!!

  2. INSTINTO European Tour 2012

    31-Aug Beasain- Basque Country
    01-Sep Limoges – France
    02-Sep Paris – France
    04-Sep Müllheim – Germany
    05-Sep Flensburg – Germany
    06-Sep Copenhagen – Denmark
    07-Sep Verden – Germany
    08-Sep Berlin – Germany
    09-Sep Liberec – Czech Republic
    10-Sep Brno – Czech Republic
    11-Sep Praha – Czech Republic
    12-Sep Gießen – Germany
    13-Sep Besançon – France
    14-Sep Saint-Étienne – France
    15-Sep Marseille – France
    16-Sep Barcelona – Catalonia

    1. Cool, maybe I can get it done to go to a show here in Germany, would be great, we will see!!! :D