Samstag, 4. August 2012

CADENCE - "WE WERE YOUNG" (***Video***)

Note: Cover of an upcoming (?) comp,
it has nothing
to do with the band CADENCE for all
what I know, but it fits anyhow
surely pretty good, at least if you
ask me about it.
Okay, with this or after this very posting here it will be that this is all for now which means tonight, hm, anyway, but before I am about to say good night to you and finally go to bed I will give you a short ''Videos'' post finally again, and this time this very ''Videos'' post here is promoting a very strong and really a lot promising new young American Oi! band, CADENCE with their anthem "WE WERE YOUNG". Pretty old school styled but yet very fresh U.S. OF Oi! music by this - agan and as already above mentioned - a lot promising young band. I really hope for far more of this quality by them to come as soon as possible. And then that's it all for now, nothing left to say here and now anymore for the moment. Expect: Enjoy it!!! And then after this for now it's: Good night my dear readers and hopefully you will sleep well. And on this blog more will be coming again pretty soon or hopefully something like this. Cheers to you all, and then - as also already above mentioned for one or two times - good night and sleep well for now, I'm really damn fucking truly tired...


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