Sonntag, 19. August 2012

DOUBLE x CROSSED - ''BREAK THESE CHAINS" (Russian Straight Edge Hardcore from Moscow + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP-Download):
Fuck it, it was a good idea to surf the web for some new interesting stuff, DOUBLE x CROSSED from Moscow, Russia had been one part of the latest outcome of actions like this. This is their newest release, ater they had already relased their "DEMO M.D.F." before this very one here in 2011 (that's what Bandcamp tells us), that's currently just out as a official MP3-Download on the band's very own Bandcamp site, released in July 2012, and it will be also released on vinyl via "PARANOID RECORDS" pretty soon this ery year of 2012, for all what I do think to know about it. This band gives us a five songs containing fresh storm of lively Old School Straigh Edge Hardcore with some few good healthy doses of Youth Crew influences and without any flirtings with Metal stuff. Hard, sharp and cracking bonedry guitars that nicely vary the pace and the rhythm and riffing strcture of the songs very well, ths is the first trademark of this band. A tight and precise harsh working rhtyhm sction backs everything really good up, cool full gang back up chants and shouts enrich it even more, and pretty cool and already pretty charismatic lead shouting vocals, that are ofte sort of a more spoken than sung affair, but anyhow pretty good and interesting, then crown it. And yes, surely this is for fans of YOUTH OF TODAY, SHELTER, BETTER THAN A THOUSAND and such stuff, but they do it all very fresh, up to date, in no way retro and also they already do their very own thing. Good lyrics, a really great artwork and a good heavy fat production sound make this whole package complete. Surely here and there sometimes more, sometimes less room up they have to conquer, make their own and fill it with quality, and then they will get even better ratings, but also so this a damn good release that I can calmly recommend to you. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (8 of 10 points)

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