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ANGRY BOOTBOYS & PUNKFRONT - "SPLIT" (Again german far right R.A.C. on "OLD SCHOOL RECORDS" in 2012)

("Old School Records"; CD):
Okay, and here's the other Fascist Rock CD that I found some time ago in my mail, and again: Never ask for it and so no saying thanks to anyone for this stuff. But, please, stop sending me fascist music crap like this, please. Okay, onward in this review: This is also a split album shared by the ANGRY BOOTBOYS and the incredible bad PUNKFRONT. Far right wing music of the lowest of the low standard of the lyrical content and the music is what you expect from the greman far right assfucked nutjobs. But okay, one after another. First of all this is a very good proof of how far and how bad it all stands in large parts of the german Oi!, Streetpunk, Punkrock, Skinhead and Punk scenery when a bullshit band like the ANGRY BOOTBOYS dares without any real threatening physical consequences (and I don't talk about the whole AFA idiots outta there) to adopt the old WARZONE slogan "DON'T FORGET THE STRUGGLE, DON'T FORGET THE STREETS" as an intro shout to one of their bullshit songs in which they propagate "PUNKS AND SKINS FOREVER" as being "FOREVER PATRIOTS" (listen to their song "FRIENDSHIP") and when they deny the multiracial and multicultural roots of the Skinhead cult and when they declare the Skinhead scenery and movement as a exclusive bullshit Nationalism-affair and even adopt and violate some SKA impressions (listen to their song "KEINEN BOCK AUF NS HIP HOP"), and above all a brown-black far right pseudo-"Patriotism" is expressed, like in the typical german crackerbarrel scenery of old fat guys sitting in a small local pub drinking theirselves to sleeplessness and spitting and puking out xenophobic, racist, nationalistic, fascist bullshit in fear of their oh so great and oh so beloved fatherland and in fear of the loss of their few percepted "privileges" that are in fact nothing else than a cooky infront of their dog leash to keep them silent and keep them walk in line. Incredible how small minded (not only close minded) some if not a lot folks can be... and still they propagate themselves as some sort of ''rebels'' and still they propagate themselves as Skinheads and Punk, Oi! and Punkrock and oh so "rebellious" fuck this lowlife scum. Okay, the ANGRY BOOTBOYS give us four songs of standardized boring dull and dumb wasted on a drink stereotypical far right german R.A.C. or better Fascist Rock, lyrical deep down below and musical not much better. Singing against drug abuse in the own ranks (pretty funny to see that the oh so proud aryan masterrace warriors sniff cocaine up their noses to get their kicks, huahaha, very superior you worthless dumb scumbags), unity and friendship, against politicians and against the new influences in the ''youth''-''culture''-scenery of the far right, playing to this bullshit singing typical pretty fast yet pretty melodic German R.A.C. (or better Rechtsrock) with some British R.A.C. influences that is simply bad and boring music marked by incredible uninspired songwriting, and so I will spare me every word more about it. Bullshit!!! Oh, but it gets even far "better", next up are my favorites of the oh so "good" if not "great" PUNKFRONT. What shall I write here about them what I haven't written down already before (just read here: They give us three songs (the ANGRY BOOTBOYS gave us four songs, so we get all in all seven songs on this waste of ressources in CD format), and still no reason for making any kind of noise because of this band, they still can't play their instruments in a proper way, they still can't write songs (and even when they do some sort of a cheap cover version song like with their second song "HEIMAT" they fail completely and this in a epic way of failing - but at least at NPD festivals they will get the dumb and drunken crowd going on nuts with this crappy "hymn", and this tells it all), their lyrics are still far right open fascist and nationalist utter garbage and like their music as far away from Oi! and Punkrock as it only possibly can be (bullshit Boeotian crackerbarrel pseudo-"rebellious" fast played - because so they can hide their giant lack of skills with playing it all "fast" and "dirty" - pseudo-"Rock" music sung in terrible german) and also are their lyrics still done on (or even under) a more than just very low level of lyrical quality... but still everyone from the left to the right is making a massive amount of noise because of this bullshit band and so I won't join this ranks again and just close this review pretty much here and now. If you want to know more about PUNKFRONT go and read the above mentioned link, all that's written there by me is still damn up to date. A pretty good production sound and a good done but totally utter garabge on the level of semantics motiv respectively artwork wrap up the completly crap content delivered by this two German Fascist Rock crap nutjob bands. And that's it, and now this crappy album will take a ride straight into the garbage can. Utter garbage on all levels, lyrically, musically and artistically, period. And also in this case I won't give you the links to the band- or label-sites, if you want them go and search for yourself for them. And, btw, if you like this crap you should think about your online activities, because then this here is the wrong blog for you, point and fact. (0 of 10 points)
(PS: Btw, this is maybe "ANGRY" and also maybe "YOUNG", but not "PUNK" and not "Oi!", just to get this straight for all you dumbass far right nutjobs out there!!!)

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