Montag, 14. Juni 2010

New York City Hardcore


I've just felt the need to post that stuff!!! You do get now two videos of the more than great and just outstanding PRO-PAIN!!! I can't tell ya how muh this band really meant and still means to me!!! They've given me so much with and through their music, that, yeahr, they had always been and still are a huge, huge impact for me!!! So, yeahr, I think some day in one way or another you'll get some more stuff about them to read here on this blog, yes, I'm pretty sure about it. But for now this two videos shall be enough, not at least because it's getting damn late right now for a monday, 'cause I need to go to sleep after the sandman was already here, haha;-). You get now two of my all time favorites of them, the official video clips to "SUBSTANCE" (taken from the album "ROUND 6", released back in the year of 2000 by "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS") and their larger than life hymne "MAKE WAR NOT LOVE" (taken from the album "THE TRUTH HURTS", released back in the old all or nothing days in 1994 by "ROADRUNNER RECORDS"), so now just enjoy the clips and espcially the songs, great stuff!!! So, here we go:



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