Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

Dreaming with dead eyes... Hm, what's the impression YOU get from 'this'...?!?

Don't ask me anything about this band... I can't even tell ya (without asking the allmighty 'Google' gods for it) from where the hell CHAOSWAVE do come, some members could be from italy other from somewhere in scandinavia (just to judge by the names), so forget about to get somehing to know about the background of this band here named CHAOSWAVE. I saw this CD (i think this record was released somewhere between 2008 and 2009, but that direct informations about this topic the CD respectively the booklet is also not given to us by reading in it) for the phenomenal low price of 2,50 Euro. I looked at the label and decided to go an take the CD with me. (No, no, no, I bought it, I mean what did ya expect, that I would rob or steal a CD that I could get by buying for the price of 2,50 Euro?!? Oh, come on!!!) So, what do we get here to hear and listen to?!? Short and simple: Metal!!! They play something that I would label modern True Metal or something else like this. The backbone is all in all traditional and classical Heavy Metal, also very theatrical and also a little bit 'operetta-like', but played and delivered to us in a very modern done way (damn hard, very groovy and really heavy and massive, dustdry and boneshaking, full of pinpoint timed breaks- just listen to the drumming, for example-, harsh forward going steam hammer parts, some blast speed parts, and a lot of widescreen guitar riffing and blackened heretic guitar leads), and played into gallery by the vocals (they got two singers, a sweet looking woman and her male counterpart, and while her voice is usually really killer his lofty singing is going to strong in the eunuch department and that's really ticking me off, bah, no, damn it, not the trigger that makes me going fired up like a pistol, if you know what I mean). The guys in the band really know how to play their instruments, no doubt about it, and the whole songmaterial is a little bit (maybe also a little bit more) proggressive done, so maybe I should label it 'Progressive Modern Opera True Metal' (boh, what a monster label, did anyone used to invent this one before...), and often they also know how to write (good) songs. But at all the songs are just to long and they get quickly boring, and this whole Metal guitar solo runs are just boring and annoying crap, damn cut it, get a girlfriend or try to have you some Barclays, but cut that crap, it sucks!!! (And not the good way of sucking, I can tell ya!!!) Beside that we get an (clean) artwork that caught my attention, even I do not know to this day if I like it or not, more or less okay lyrics (like I said, it's theatrical Metal stuff and so are the lyrics done... but "HOW TO DEFINE A RACE" really got some great lyrics, and it's also musically my favorite one, or at least I think so), and a killer production sound. Ah, by the way, there's also a bonus song on it, called "FROM THE STARE TO THE STORM", just that you know this fact. All in all truly well done, but: I guess that I'm really not into the target group of CHAOSWAVE. Okay, that said, if you're into Metal then do yourself a favour and go and try to get this record, I could imagine that this should be something good for you. If you're not into Metal you really don't have to know about this band or record so forget about it all, 'cause you won't miss anthing. Hm, and if you're at least a little bit interested in some current Metal stuff then you can maybe risk an ear by giving them a fair try by listening to this record... but you won't miss that much if you decide to do it not, 'cause however: At the end of the day it's just solid midfield stuff perfect for the all in all custom Metal guy of today. At least, if you ask me. (6 of 10 points)
I found this live video of CHAOSWAVE that may give you some impressions of this band (even the sound is a little bit crappy...), they're playing their song "A MARCH FOR THE DYING" (you can find it on the above reviewed record) live somewhere in germany (if I got it right...), so if you're interested then just press play and give them a try. (I spare you and me the lyrics, 'cause it's late and I'm just to lazy to give them to you right now right here, haha;-).)


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