Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

Hardcore - The Land Of Kings Style

Hey folks,
before I start into the weekend and then with the beginning of the next week in the last hard days before the oncoming vacation / summer holiday season of this year I have some nice little stuff for you digged out.

One of my absolut favorite bands are the great WISDOM IN CHAINS, one of the very, very best bands I've ever discovered!!! Great Hardcore, each single track filled with so much heart, soul, passion, energy, and power that I can't express it even some how fitting, you have to hear (and see) it. and that's the correct word, 'cause now you get the clip to their great hymn "BACK TO THE OCEAN" to see and listen to, and that's a truly anthem of one of a kind, just pure and solid gold!!! It goes more than only skin deep, I tell ya!!!

The track is on their phenomenal current record "EVERYTHING YOU KNOW", released by "I SCREAM RECORDS" at the end of 2009, and you really have to call this record your own. The review will be coming the next days, and now just sit back and enjoy the video!!!

Ah, by the way, it's also the official video clip of this song and it's a good nice thing, coming to you in very quality (the pictures as well as the sound), and I can bet that you won't see it on this shitfaced farce called MTV, but who cares, as long as you can watch it here, haha;-)!!!


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