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American Oi! - The Eagle has landed... again!!!

After U.S. CHAOS with whom this categorie series started off we will now take a travel to the windy city of Chicago, back somewhere in the year of 1980, 'cause this year was the hour of birth of one of the very first and very best American Streetpunk bands ever, the great THE EFFIGIES. It's a huge, huge shame that today most guys don't know about them anymore (or I'm just asking the damn wrong jackasses...), 'cause just forget for a while the New York and Boston stuff, vomit directly on the DEAD KENNEDYS and just shit the fuck out on this whole "MAXIMUM ROCK & ROLL" scenery, because in Chicago back in 1980 started one hell of a great band playing 100% authentic and honest, just great, great Working Class Streetpunkrock & Roll music, and this band had been THE EFFIGIES!!!

Don't expect any ridiculous so called 'political' crap, no stupid P.C./Non-P.C. faggot garbage, no cheap and shitty talking, no stupid jackass fashion contest of who may be the hardest Skinhead (two of them used to be Skinheads) or the Punk (and two of them used to be Punks) with the most impressive spikes on his head, or any senseless bullshit like that. No, with crap like that THE EFFIGIES had have nothing in mind, sense and attitude came first, and no fashin charade farce, no "Keep it true!" scene promotion marketing merchandise selling trash, no clichè crap!!! They were out to spread the word, spread their message (they were very outspoken, if you ask me), and yes, they also never lost the music to do this out of their sight. Great!!! They had been writing and playing their songs on a very high and totally stand-alone level of skills and creativity, what wasn't, isn't, and never will be something like a matter of course, at least if you ask me!!!
Like I've said THE EFFIGIES formed themselves in the year of 1980, founded by Steve Economou (drums), Earl Letiecq (guitar), Paul Zamost (bass), and John Kezdy (vocals, damn charismatic and skillful singing and also a guy that could write just brilliant and damn intelligent lyrics). In 1981 they released their first single called "HAUNED TOWN", released by "AUTUMN RECORDS"... and the rest is great, great history!!! They played just awesome and very outstanding, damn well-versed Streetpunk, by far better than most of the so-much-hyped crap that's coming out nowadays. Melodic and dissonant at the same time, also 1970's Disco beats they played on their instruments and worked them into their songs. Especially the incredible good guitar work, the very diverse song-buildup and the crazy rhythm work marking the songs strongly, beside the highly charismatic and damn impressive vocals and the truly demanding and challenging, damn intelligent and reflected lyrics. Also they played a lot of riffs and rhythms that should really heavily influence a lot of the later in the 1980's upcoming Hardcore and Speed Metal bands. A damn great band, a strong influence and very unique, just pure platinum!!!
After some 'staff-trouble' and reshuffles and going in the later years more and more in the Heavy Metal direction THE EFFIGIES split in 1986. But soon in 1987 the original members came together to reunite THE EFFIGIES and until 1996 they were pretty busy, for example with playing live gigs. But it took them over an decade until they settled together a new record, and it was in 2007 when "THE RESIDE" came out. A good record, even it's going heavily in the direction of alternative Metal Rock, but like I've said, good stuff through and through. In the year of 1989 the retrospective record "REMAINS NONVIEWABLE" was released by "ROADKILL RECORDS" on LP, and was rereleased as a CD in 1995 by the canadian label "TOUCH & GO RECORDS". And I just have to say one thing to you: Get it!!! This record is just phenomenal great stuff!!! Go and get it!!! To get this CD is your damn duty, so get it!!! For more informations to THE EFFIGIES go and click and check out.
Now you get a live video of THE EFFIGIES, of their great song "HAUNTED TOWN" (breath-taking stuff!!!), played live in Chicago at the "Double Door" at the 07/06/2007, I hope you will enjoy it... even the sound quality is not the best at all... but damn it, just turn your speakers louder!!! The lyrics to "HAUNTED TOWN" you'll do get right now before the video. Fantastic song, brilliant lyrics!!! So here we go:
Too many buildings
Not enough people
Left to go around
When the wires are frayed
Where the people once stayed
And the rust doesn't make a sound
Can you affort
The exit door
Back to the suburban playgrounds
They've left me with
The burden of
A haunted town
Live in a haunted town...
Mining raw materials
They send it back as trash
On the shelves and aerials
Mechanized means they'll come back
So, and now comes the promised video, that hopefully will work out the way it should work out!!!


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