Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

JOB FOR A COWBOY ruin the nation by the helping hands of "METAL BLADE RECORDS"

JOB FOR A COWBOY - "RUINATION" ("METAL BLADE RECORDS"; CD respctively limmited double CD package):
Hm, I think this should be the second full length release of these young brutal and extreme Metal band from the States (the rumours go that they got their record deal by using their MySpace appearence for promotional use, so young bands, you should know now how to play the game, haha;-)...), I think the first record was named "GENESIS" and then came the Mini-CD called "DOOM" out on the market, followed then by "RUINATION" (by the way, great record title), and I also think that this could probably be one of the most extreme records that I've reviewed here on this blog so far. Like you know I've grown up with Metal and very soon I also discovered extreme Metal, to name it especially Death Metal. Black Metal and more did come later. So, also nowadays especially Death Metal is usually extremly boring me to death, from time to time still a new exciting record is spilled out by bands of this genre and especially this whole new breed of Death Metal stuff and some Deathcore bands really know how to convince me. ALL SHALL PERISH, CATTLE DECAPITATION, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, great stuff, and while the debut of JOB FOR A COWBOY was not that exciting to me at all this record here really captured me somehow. We get ten songs of brutal, fast and hard Death Metal / Deathcore that should really serve your needs if you also like bands like the already mentioned ALL SHALL PERISH, CATTLE DECAPITATION, and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. Very technical and skilled guitar work and wide screen riffing, all is flowing very well together, very well-versed instrument playing and even better songwriting, what I really like is the whole dissonant work of the guitar and the crazed rhythm buildup and tempo work, but at the end of the day (or respectively the song/-s) it's all coming together, melted into very good and total free flowing songs, that should also convince you if you're also into MORBID ANGEL (especially their two legendary records "COVENANT" and "DOMINATION"). Hm, but somehow I think that they took out some pace and that it's all not that fast at all (compared with their debut), but however, this don't have to be something bad or stuff like that. We do also get a big bunch of all in all very good and suprising lyrics, very political and outspoken and critical of society, not your typical Metal or even Death Metal lyrics, and thank the gods (or whom or what ever) that this release here is basically totally free of any (Death) Metal clichè crap, musically as well as lyrically. Interesting stuff!!! What takes this record a little bit down is the fact that even if it's extreme fast, extreme brutal and extreme technical Death Metal music it stays just Metal, I mean, it's all very good done stuff but there's nothing in it that will really grab you by the balls, bangs you around, punches and punishes you deep down into the ground, touching and grapping your heart and soul, screaming in your face what a giant farce this whole retarded post-industrialized society and the lie called life we have to live in it is, or what-so-ever, I mean, it's just nothing more than fucking corporate rock music that won't leave you aroused or making you think twice about this and that, and that's basically the matter with more or less all Metal music for at least over an decade right now. But okay, that's not the fault of JOB FOR A COWBOY, so we'll leaving this topic right now here at this point. So, if you're into modern Death Metal / Deathcore, then don't think twice, but just get this CD!!! Ah, I own the limited edition version of the record that's coming in a beautifully designed big digi robe and also with the complete "DOOM" Mini-CD / EP as a free bonus on top of it, very nice thing (even the "DOOM" release convinced me not as much as the "RUINATION" record). By the way, since when the "METAL BLADE" logo is looking that awful, where has the blood dropping razor blade gone, and where and when did that ridiculously silly looking pirate like logo came from?!? However... The production sound is jus a bomb (great work), and the artwork is just awesome!!! Great looking artwork!!! All in all: Good stuff, worth your time, even if it is and even it also stays corporate rock music, and like we all should know corporate rock sucks!!! Also today, haha;-). (8 of 10 points)
Now you do also get a video of JOB FOR A COWBOY, performing their song "ENTOMBMENT OF A MACHINE" (you'll find it on the "DOOM" Mini-CD / EP) live in 2008 at the "WACKEN OPEN AIR", coming to you in very good soundquality, so give it a try and watch it!!!
PS: Sorry, I was going wrong, the "DOOM" Mini-CD / EP came out in 2005 before the "GENESIS" record was released in 2007, sorry!!! But it's true that then (in 2009, okay, okay...) the "RUINATION" followed up. So, now it shoul be all correctly responded from me to you;-).


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