Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

American Oi! - Skinhead Pogo in New York City, baby!!!

Cheers mates,

here you do get a little nice introduction to (or of) one hell of a great band, the more or less new respectively young American Oi! from N.Y.C. called OFFENSIVE WEAPON!!! Great hard hitting and even harder stomping Bootboi sound brewed in the big apple!!! You'll find soon the next days or weeks more to and about them, I love their sound and their debut record is finally on it's way to me (should tomorrow hit my CD player, and was released in december 2009 or january 2010 by "PURE IMPACT RECORDS"), and maybe respectively hopefully there will be also something coming here from them, time will tell!!! Just give me some time and circa with the middle of june more stuff will be coming, also from then on some new interviews I've planned to do, and for what I hear, know and can tell ya already now, then OFFENSIVE WEAPON are very, very, very high on my list!!! Beside these words I will introduce them to you by some videos I've found of them, basically live videos from gigs (I think it must be two gigs, if I am not totally going wrong right now). I hope the videos will work all out like they should, then you get the following songs as live videos of OFFENSIVE WEAPON, first one is "ES POR TU NACION" (hm, I think it's a cover, or isn't it?!?), then the great "YELLOW JOURNALIST", the very hard knocking "FACE OF DEATH", and also a cover of the english 28 - R.A.C. band NO REMORSE (bah!) called "SMASH THE REDS" (oh, oh, oh, I think a lot of guys will b running amok right now, haha, but let them run, haha;-)...) (don't get me wrong, fuck this nazi faggots and beat them dead and ram them into the ground... but hell, they aren't the only ones that would be much better of dead, so just put a bullt between all their faces and benefit the whole human race!!!), all played live in their hometown N.Y.C., and yes, that's all, so enjoy the stuff and check this great band out!!! Oi!

OFFENSIVE WEAPON - "ES POR TU NACION" (KLAN and- at least I think so...- BÖHSE ONKELZ cover)



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