Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

young in love with Australian Oi! / Streetpunk music

Yeahr, here's a very cool and good record 'especially' for your enjoyment!!! You like Oi!, you like Streetpunk?!? Yeahr, alright, that's fine!!! (And by the way, how should you not like it?!?) You like that good old hard stomping mid paced british brickwall Oi!?!? Even better!!! You also do have a favor for some good rockin' and rollin' marks, as well as some (very few) American Oi! / Streetpunk influences?!? Perfect!!! Here are SLICK 46 for ya!!! The guys are coming from Australia, hailing out of the city of Melbourne, and from Australia we do get to hear a lot of very good or even great bands these days, and shall I tell ya what, that's totally perfect with me!!! SLICK 46 are now an already longer runnin' band, with several releases already out there. I think that before this record there must had been som changes when it comes to the bad personal. On playing the bass (what alese, haha;-)...) and also singing (great voice!!!) is the beautiful Renee girl Flea!!! So, now enough about the history (or however you may like o call it...) of SLICK 46, now to the record: The "YOUNG LOVE" 10" brings us seven new songs, respectively six new songs ("STAND UP", "JOHNNY JESUS", "WASTING AWAY", "YOUNG LOVE", "FOLLOW THE LEADER", "RICH KID") and one of these songs ("WASTING AWAY") also in a (brilliant) acoustic version. And you do get a very hard and grumpy, harsh forward stomping Streetpunk, very british and rough done Bootboy music melted together with some few American Streetpunk marks and cultivated with a mercyless forward rockin' and rollin' spirit, that leads ya straight forward into the pit!!! Dustdry and boneshakin' guitar work compared with just hard and grumpy and rough bass playing, settled together by cracking drumming and very raw edged vocals by the singer and truly beautiful and melodic as well as powerful vocals by Flea. (Trust me, listen to her and go and grab your DEADLINE and send them down the toilet!!!) I would wish she would sing even more!!! All well-versed done, the playing as well as the writing (of the songs), so you won't do anything wrong if ya into Oi! Oi! music, not at least because the forceful fist in the air Sing-A-Long parts and mighty refrains. To say it short: Damn great stuff!!! Then we do also get a bunch of very good and very diverse (when it comes to the topics) and also critical lyrics, a truly good and dirty production sound and a just simple beautiful artwork, ah, and the 10" comes in a great looking red vinyl (and I could imagine that it's all limited, so better be quick or be a moron!!!), and I honestly think that this 10" is a necessarity to every good Oi!, Streetpunk and Punkrock collection out there, so damn get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
Now here you'll get also some video stuff of SLICK 46, older songs and older stuff (so, for example, don't search after Flea in this 'clipping stuff'), tearing down the house in their homeground area.



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