Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

Germoneyz Psychobilly Fanzine No. # 1?!?

"PSYCHOMANIA" Fanzine Issue No. # 7
(Fee: 7,00 Euro)
Okay, after I'm not the biggest Psychobilly fan around (to say it quite friendly that way...) this is pretty much my first issue of the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine I bought (and I did this at the ROCKABILLY MAFIA and THE HOT WHEELS gig last month in Goslar Rock City). It's very 'fat', you can think it carries a lot of content... but nah, don't ya believe it at all, it's just that 'fat' 'cause every interview and story is printed twice, one time in german following the other time in english, but still the same interview. So, damn, what shall I say, it sucks and it's terrible to read respectively it's a horrible read. Bilingual edition... all good and fine with me, but guys, there must be a better way to serve your aspirations!!! Okay, but it shouldn't be all about that topic... So, what about the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine in general?!? All in all Psychobilly through and though, here and there some Rockabilly and Greaser Rock & Roll stuff, some vey 'little' Country and that's more or less all what there is to tell ya about the music that's featured in this printed and very, very professional done fanzine... or better magazine... It's done by the guys of the german Psychobilly band THEE FLANDERS and the german record label "HALB 7 RECORDS", but however, that are more or less the same persons for what I know. We do get a lot of stuff in this fanzine, bilingual edition or not (but not that many like you first might think when you read something about 152 pages...). Interviews with MAD SIN, BLOODZUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE, THE SHARKS, FRENZY, SWAMPY'S, JOHNNY NIGHTMARE, RICOCHETS, REVEREND HORTON BEAT, MAD DOG COLE, THE TAZMANIAN DEVILS, WASHINGTON DEADCATS, GORILLA, and more such bands out of the above mentioned genres. Beside that there are also some specials, no matter if interviews or stories, like the "UKRAINE PSYCHOBILLY SPECIAL" and interviews with shop owners for example. I think the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine is seeing itself as a bridge between music, fanscene, lifestyle, clothing, and attitude of the Psychobilly scene. A good approach, truly, but... it's totally not working, if you ask me!!! Beside the terrible-to-read-bilingual-layout the interviews and stories are just nothing but boring and annoyingly superficial!!! Guys, damn, what's up?!? No motivation or what so ever?!? No ideas or attitude to bring to pape?!? Then in this case every (!) printed page is too much, and especially if there are 152 pages... then it does really, really suck!!! Boring, boring, boring stuff!!! And interviews that re just a 1/4 page or so long are just ridiculous crap!!! Come on, who do you think you are kidding here?!? Put more work into it the next time!!! You do just get interviews, histories, gig reports, and reviews, and as well as the interviews and stories are ridiculous, the reviews carry not the least of weight and the gig reports are the usual crap of this cathegory!!! So I don't really know what to write or say right more now. It's more of a depression, that's taking a little bit of control over me. Big dissapointment to me, after reading everywhere how great this fanzine, uhps, this magazine shall be, and then this... It's written bilingual, coming on a very, very professional level, on fully colored pages, with not that many promotion in it, ah, but the cover drawing of MAD SINS' Köfte really rocks!!! The writing quality changes very much , I guess because of a truly big pool of writers... (Am I not a great and clever writer...) If you're strongly in to some good done Billy musick, then rather check out the really good "DYNAMITE!" magazine at first, and after this in third or fouth grade the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine. Ah, and we do also get a CD sampler for free, and there's some really cool stuff on it!!! But, you know what, just because the CD is good you don't have the cluster bunker banging and buy the whole stuff!!! Don't believe the hype, the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine - it's a damn boring fanzine!!! No passion for the musick or what-so-ever!!! Kick it!!! Ah, one last thing, the guy who's writing under the name of 'Bezirk 7 - Markus'... if that's the guy who's doing the "BEZIRK 7" fanzine (sounds clever again, right...), then he should rather work on a new issue of this one then writing for this overly hyped uninspired crappy gazette here!!! Totally dull and boring stuff, I'm out of it again...

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