Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011


("Iron Clad Records" CD):
Okay, I've first got aware of this band and record thanks to Bernando and his great work his doing with his infamous "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog, I got the dl and what I was listening to really convinced me quite a bit and so I was searching for it for quite a while and now today finally I call this CD my own, bought it via the second hand way even it looks more like being third or fourth hand anyhow... But okay, hm, I mean, who cares, this was originally sold together with an EMPIRE FALLS box set for what I know... and yes, it's a EMPIRE FALLS side project... EMPIRE FALLS... wasn't there something?!? Yehp, you're right, but after I finally call it my own (after searching for it for quite a while) I will review it anyhow and btw this here is 'really' free of any political garbage that- awful enough- EMPIRE FALLS, BETTER DEAD THAN RED, BRUTAL TACTICS and all the other bands and projects of Bryan Scorch do propagate one way or the other today (playing Blood & Honour shows and headlining such festivals, doing splits with White Power NS Rock bands like WHITE WASH and hailing the Nazi German War-Marine in their songs, etc. pp.) and so, yes, I'll review this one here anyhow for you (and me), so better get used to it. Okay, what NOT WITHOUT BLOODSHED are giving us is a move and I mean a big move back to the roots of EMPIRE FALLS and so they do give us a through and through pure hard hitting Hardcore massacre somewhere to be located near New York Hardcore with some few Boston Hardcore influences, all pretty much the Old School way of doing it but also here and there sometimes offering us some nice New School marks with heavy and at least a little bit metallic guitar work and stuff like this. Heavy and noisy, pushing und beating guitar work, brutal and militaristic stomping drums and a mercyless buzzing bass, nice crew shouts and above all (if ya now may like it or not) this time finally again damn charismatic lead vocals (hard and bitter, yet done with a lot of soul in it all), all delivered to us in a pretty strong way of writing songs and especially the heavy stop'n'go parts and the pretty cool changes between brutal up tempo parts and devastating mosh parts really rule. Okay, it's all nothing new, but who cares, because it's also all something pretty strong and damn good stuff, and that matters way more than anything else when it comes to music. So, if ya like above mentioned Hardcore styles and if you're maybe also familiar with the more Hardcore sounding side of EMPIRE FALLS (and if ya like what ya get to listen to from them) then search for this little album and check it out because otherwise you could or would really miss something good. On top of it we get some nice violent lyrics, as well as a great artwork and a good production sound. Okay, decide for yourself if ya want to know NOT WITHOUT BLOODSHED and from whre the hell you can get this album (at least over here), but even it's nothing over the top going it's really good stuff that I can honestly recommend to all of you who are into Hardcore music. (8 of 10 points)
(PS: My cover looks pretty awful so I've taken a picture of it that I've found on the web, but calm down, this is the coverartwork of this record.)

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