Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Nippon Hardcore - ''A TRIBE CALLED HARDCORE''

("Bowlhead Inc."; CD):
This is a fucking good piece of pure through and through raise your fist Hardcore musick that I was searching for now for quite a while, and it was released back then in 2010 and for all of you who don't know about CREEPOUT then I will let ya know that they are from somewhere near Tokyo or so in Japan (so hopefully they are alright anyhow after the atomic devastation that hit this little 'island-country' recently) and they are around for some years now and have released already quite a good dose of releases (including a split with the almighty INTEGRITY) with this here being their first proper full length debut album. After the reviews of records up here used to grow on and on I will try it this time again to keep it short(er) and so after this general informations on the band CREEPOUT here for ya straight onward in this record review, so here we go: CREEPOUT, Hardcore from out of the cold concrete streets of the land of the rising sun, but if ya associate Hardcoe from japan now only with chaotic ultra-fast speed Hardcore (joining forces with Noize and Grind) then you're damn wrong (for fuck'z sake), instead of this CREEPOUT give us a very intersting and grapping mix out of New York Hardcore born and bred by the likes of AGNOSTIC FRONT, WARZONE, and also MADBALL with the Boston hardcore roughnecks of BLOOD FOR BLOOD, some up to date brutal Beatdown Hardcore like for example UNIT 731, and Clevo Style Hardcore like INTEGRITY, and yes, it sounds now by just reading it not only great, damn it, it sounds great every damn moment of this record. Damn high energy level and packed up full with 100% authentic streetfighting silverback mentality and attitude, here and there some (very) few Metal impressions, and beside this we do get the full dose of great Hardcore musick: Amazing Groove'n'Moh parts, cool Beatdown assaults, Mosh Pit artillery non stopp, great songwriting as well as also grapping changes of pace and very cool rhythm arangements, harsh and sharp guitar work, punishing and massive stomping bass and drums, brutal and charismatic shouted vocals, über-fat gang shouts, and a lot of suprising stuff (especially when it comes to the vocals), hell yeahr, here you get it all. The first half of the record is in all a little bit weaker than the second half that features only hits, but all in all this is nothing but a through and through truly great album. Maybe nothing anyhow 'totally new' but who cares, it's damn fresh and grapping and interesting and just damn good and strong done and that's what matters most at the end of the day. And yes, this guys do not only know how to write songs, but also how to play their instruments, so thumbs up even more. On top of it we get good lyrics, a cool artwork, and all is coming in a damn strong production sound to us at home. To say it short and precise: This is a great album that you need to have if you're only a little bit into Hardcore music, point and fact!!! Get it, now!!! (9 of 10 points)
Here now you get three songs of them via live clips, the title track of the album and my two personal favorites of them here on that one, so watch it and listen to it and then draw your own picture of CREEPOUT and their music and what they are doing here on this one... and then go and get their reviewed album, asap!!!




PS: CREEPOUT also teamed up for a split record album with no one else than the already here on this very blog mentioned and for a lot of reasons infamous EMPIRE FALLS, back then in 2004, so maybe ya can say before EMPIRE FALLS (even I don't know if it is really justified to still talk of EMPIRE FALLS as a full proper regular band anyway...) used to have their (or his...) B&H/C18/WP/NS coming out (and so it's the case with BETTER DEAD THAN RED, BRUTAL TACTICS, ...) but I could swear that this would be over here in Germoney totally unimportant and just this split would be reason enough to start a defaming and offending anonymous witch-hunt on them (especially and first-and-foremost... if not solely... via the internet), CREEPOUT, all started and done by the AFA jackasses, PC idiots and 'Oire Szene' fascist pigs around... but it's truly good to see that it's in other parts of the world different!!! And, btw, again: Check this great band of the name of CREEPOUT from Japan out asap!!!

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