Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

"If Shakespeare had a MySpace profile..."

("Redfield Records"; CD):
That's something pretty cool and also something 'extravaganza', and something really pretty damn good, point and fact. Does anyone outta there remembers ENTER SHIKARI, or does anyone outta there knows about WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER and acts such like that?!? If so and if ya like what comes to your mind then damn it and make sure to check out this guys here, HIS STATUE FALLS. I stumbled across this band and album while I was slendering through the shelfs of the local "MediaMarkt" store and saw this CD for just only 2,50 Euro or something around like this. I decided to take it with me because the artwork, the songtitles, bandname and albumtitle really made me curious about it and for that low price I thought that I only in a very rare damn extreme bad terrible case could only possible somehow do something wrong. So I took it with me without knowing anyhow what would be coming for me... and HIS STATUE FALLS truly blew me away. They play a very 'danceable' and damn exciting, fresh and energetic as well as energizing mixture out of Hardcore, Metalcore, and Emo/Screamo Core on the one side and Techno, Trance and Dance on the other side. What now may sound for ya a little bit weird and strange and 'non-compatible' turns out to be a great and fascinating mix out of the described respectively mentioned music genres and trademarks and it's all floating perfectly into one and another. Hard yet very melodic guitar work, all very soul- and skillful, great diverse lead vocals that cover a pretty wide distance of different styles of lead singing schedules, and a damn precise and tight and heavy and massive rhythm section, all made round by just pure great mentioned electronical styles like soundnotes of Techno and Trance and Dance Keyboard- and Synth-Sounds, really amazing shit. It all is done in or maybe better by a way of a very clever and intelligent and grapping and fascinating songwriting, and all delivered by a bunch of musicians that damn know how to play and work with their instruments, point and fact. Maybe call the music that HIS STATUE FALLS are unleashing at us Trance Core or Dance Core or Techno Core..., how-ever, it's really not that much important at all at the end of the day. Personally I like the more on the electronical side of things playing songs even a little bit more and if you want to know how great HIS STATUE FALLS are in their strongest moments then listen to the phenomenal "GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT UP!" (and especially the final part, and hell yeahr, that's really PUSHING music and nothing else). Check it out some really grapping, exciting, and fresh music is waiting for you - great!!! Also the lyrics are pretty cool and damn good stuff, the artwork looks amazing and the production sound is nearly perfect for the music. So, that's all, if ya searching for something maybe still anyhow 'obscure' that will really suprise you in one way or another then better go out by your own searching this one here and check it out and buy it anyway, maybe you'll find something 'precious' for you or so. I recommend this album highly to everyone out there that's at least only a little bit into 'special' heavy music. Check it out, or better get it anyhow!!! Really damn good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)

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