Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011


Hey chummers (ha, who of ya did use to play "Shadowrun" from time to time when he/she was young?!?), next and last or final post for today, fuckin' work is calling me up way too early and soon tomorrow morning again, fuck it. You now get a nice little 'Videos' post for ya now, and the twist or change in the musical direction is pretty srong (but who cares), from harsh Hardcore sound to (Neo) Rockabilly noice by the legendary and really outstanding STRAY CATS (yes, I love this band), and I've said what this band means to me already before in the earlier post that I've done to pay tribute to this stand-alone any- and everything else outshining legends some weeks (or had it been months) ago, yehp, so I will keep this one here short. Just wanted to say that it's (again) a fantastic song of the STRAY CATS (and nothing else or even less than this) and you get it now in a live version from 1983 and it's again truly just incredible impressive what great and phenomenal musicians they were (and still damn are) and it's just incredible grapping how they've change the song again compared with the studio version of it. Awesome!!! Check it out and enjoy it (maybe as muc as I do enjoy it), and we'll read us asap again. Good night for now and soo more. Cheers & Oi!

STRAY CATS - "ROCK THIS TOWN" (live, 1983)

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