Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Are you really an Anarchist?!? Then we don't need you around!!! Oi! Oi! Oi! Fuck all you Hippie Punks!!!

HEy folks!!! After my personal total new discovery VENOM (the british Oi! band of this name, great early british Oi! Oi! Oi! music, not the clichè Metal band, but they are also legends anyway) I felt the need to also put the following band up here: CROWBAR!!! Not the Doom/Sludge Metal/Core band from New Orleans (also a damn good and great band and that's also featured up here, to just have it mentioned it here btw for ya), but the legendary great british Oi! champions from the more or less early 1980's. The band was something like more of a (way far too short lived) project than some sort of a proper band (for all what I know anyhow) and for what I know they've released just a short tracked 7'' (two songs, the title track "HIPPIE PUNKS" and a cool THE CLASH cover of their classic "WHITE RIOT") and were also featured (with the same songs) on the legendary "MADE IN BRITAIN" compilation (alongside with THE LAST RESORT, SKINDEEP, and ANTISOCIAL), all released back then in 1983 or so. You now get the larger-than-life anthem "HIPPIE PUNKS" of CROWBAR and maybe some of you also know that the controversy german, hm, okay, let us call it/them: Skinhead Rock band of the name of KAMPFZONE many years ago did a cover version of them, all in german, and they've done quite a good job but they can't beat or even only rival the original one. But the cover version that the almighty german Hardcore legends of BRIGHTSIDE (still know them?!? You should, awesome band!!!) once did also oh too many years ago on the amazing "THE WORLDWIDE TRIBUTE TO THE REAL Oi!"(Volume 2) compilation (great stuff, the two compilation discs) is even greater and while also BRIGHTSIDE didn't beat CROWBAR they came pretty close and you should do anything to know their cover tune of this classic anyhow, point and fact!!! Back to the legends of CROWBAR: It's hard stomping, yet catchy and very anthemic good old early british Oi! music and if ya like this stuff (for fuck's sake: How could ya not?!?) then you will also love CROWBAR and their "HIPPIE PUNKS", so enjoy it!!! I've chosen the version that's to be found on the mentioned compilation due to the far better sound quality, but otherwise it's exactly the same song. So, yehp, now just fucking enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!


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