Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Introducing TRI CITY TRASHED via a vicious "SUPRISE ATTACK"

Hey folks, another new and the finally the last post for today. I want to introduce a damn great band with that I recently got in contact via MySpace and this band is TRI CITY TRASHED (or TRI-CITY TRASHED). A damn great band!!! In the future more of and about and maybe also with them will come, I'm pretty sure aout it and so you should it be, too, and then I'll write much more so that ya all know more. Btw, to all our self-proclaimed brave 'leftists' out there (which means all you brave virtual warriors out there that give themselves a banner like the 'digital AFA' or so): You can all go and shove your crap up your ass and then leave here and go crying sitting alone somewhere in the dark because your oh so bitter feelings about finding TRI CITY TRASHED up here. A damn great band, that also seems to be compiled/founded/formed by pretty sympathic and 'grounded' guys. Now you get their track "SUPRISE ATTACK" (I hope the title is the correct one), and now just you enjoy this great hymn by this outstanding band. Ah, btw, their current album is still hot and out and the new one shall be already in the making for this year, just that you know about it. Check them out and contact them via http://www.myspace.com/tctoc and enjoy what you get to listen to from this guys. Yehp, and btw: This is Punkrock, baby!!! Cheers & Oi!


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