Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Trippin'... Gotta take a trip out of this place... Gotta get away from the human race... Trip at the brain... You know what I'm saying... I'm going insane...

Hey folks, today only a little 'Videos' post for ya, and this one features finally again some good old well-known guys up here on this blog and I'm talkin' 'bout no-one-else than the legendary and almighty SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Damn it, I love this band!!! Old School yet still damn fuckin' fresh Skate Hardcore music from the Westcoast of the USA, just great stuff!!! You now get the clip (funny stuff, awesome shit) of their immortal anthem "TRIP AT THE BRAIN" (amazing song), the opener of their "HOW CAN I LAUGH TOMORROW... WHEN I CAN'T EVEN SMILE TODAY?" masterpiece (I think it was released in 1988 or something like this, but I'm currently too lazy to grab the album from the shelf and take a look at it, hopefully you'll understand my lazyness...) and I can't tell ya often I still fuckin' listen to this great piece of music even today. That's it for now, I'm tired, so just enjoy the clip and then untill soon!!! Oi!


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