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*** "LET THE NEW ERA BEGIN!!!" ***

("Powerhaus Productions"; CD):
Uh, damn it, I've always thought that this record was released back then in 2009 because that's pretty much the time I remember seeing it being reviewed and stuff like this for the first time over here in Germany, so it would have been already a little bit older and I knew it anyhow but taking a good look at it again I got aware of it that it was primarly released already back then in 2007 and so okay you and I do see that it's already even a little bit more older anyway, yehp, but who cares, so just that you know about it. This is a 'new' band (okay, more or less 'new', remember first 2009 and then even 2007) formed by pretty prominent guys that played before or beside POWERHÄUS in such acts like BOUND FOR GLORY, BEFORE GOD, TRI CITY TRASHED, THE OLD SOULS, WESTWALL, CUT-THROAT, BOUNCIN' BETTY, PLUNDER & PILLAGE, TOTAL WAR, and are today also involved in YOUNGBLOOD (if I now completly threw something over then please 'forgive' me my mistake/-s), yehp, and finally again I can see the alarm bells of some (if not a lot of) you guys outside are going "Ring! Ring! Ring!" over and over again and again. But like some other bands of the mentioned ones that are currently active (so no BOUND FOR GLORY and no BEFORE GOD) also POWERHÄUS are a band without any political approach to it for all what I would now (and also back then) say so everyone scared of the 'White Devil' you see there's no reason for you to be anyhow afraid of POWERHÄUS and if you are it still anyhow then you are guys holding their oh so strong and unquestionable ideological believes above everything all and above anything else (like for example real life issues) so damn strong dear to the heart that this is your personal problem you've to deal with anyhow anyway. So okay, after this introduction words straight up and on to the topic, the review of the full length debut (?) album "LET THE NEW ERA BEGIN" of POWERHÄUS. First listened to this album (back then some-time in 2010) and it took me by storm!!! That's just awesome great music somewhere between a big bunch of totally clichè free and very melodic (and in the case of the- Metal- genre we talk about very suprisingly very melodic), traditional as well as modern U.S. Trash and also U.S. Power Metal with a strong impact of NWOBHM classics and also a big dose of melodic somehow Skate styled and 'punky' American West Coast Hardcore Punk music (just listen to the amazing "ONE FOR THE BOSS", a song that bands from PENNYWISE to IGNITE would have wished to have written by themselves once in a band-lifetime). Larger than life and awesome well-versed and amazing rich on variations being guitar work is main character trademark of the music of POWERHÄUS, and it delivers truck loads of power and force and energy and sheer heavyness and harsh aggression and an ultimate brutality that gets along without any oh so brutal music clichès and is mainly caused by the huge, huge dose of emotions and passion as well as the already mentioned sheer force of the music and the songs. The guitar riffing is incredible strong and damn heavy and really just a statement of its own, awesome. The guitar leads then create an incredible tight and intense atmosphere and are giving you showers of healthy goosepimples one after another, and about the phenomenal and fantastic guitar solos we really don't have to talk about anyhow, really just some larger than life stuff that POWERHÄUS are delivering to us. Then there are the great lead vocals that are truly just pure pwerful and charismatic and stand-alone stuff, sometimes here and there at some songs supported and backed up by brilliant and passionated female co-lead vocals that really stand strong and truly shine out through from out of your speakers. The rhythm section then is a well-oiled damn precise and incredible tight and massive and bulky and heavy working rhythm-artillery-machinery that really fills every anyhow maybe blank space, and that's making this whole album even far, far better than it already is anyhow. That's really just an awesome and a stand-alone band and album, point and fact. About the technical skills when it's about playing their instruments we don't need to say anything here and now (just take a list of the mentioned other bands the POWERHÄUS guys used or still use to play in before or beside POWERHÄUS and then you should really know about the deal), and that these folks also are phenomenal songwriters (interesting, fascinating and grapping moments non-stopp in uncountable many variations) and that they do offer us a lot of suprises and great changes as well as some damn clever arrangements I say just for the fact that you know it anyhow and so I just say it for the record even I think that a lot of you guys out there maybe already know about it anyway. Okay, beside all of this we get a big bunch of fantastic lyrics, from great and non-clichè love-songs to stuff with a (for what I would say) pretty metaphysical and philosophical background and approach, and that's also great and even far more. The artwork of this album is also awesome shit, and the production sound is nearly perfect, yes, it is. So you see, this one here was and still is truly and really the complete package, so if you still don't know or still don't own it I highly recommend this album to you and you and also you out there. Awesome!!! I love every single song on this one here but my personal total favorites (musically and lyrically) are "SYMBOLS", "IN TIME" (and make sure you also listen to the incredible 'alternative' version of it that you can find on this very album here as a not listed bonus track), "POWERLUST", "MRS. LIBERTY", "LOST" (incredible!!!), "ONE FOR THE BOSS", and "WALK AWAY", so check them out at first!!! And I really desperatly hope that the follow up of POWERHÄUS will come out asap (and it's already really about time for it). I love this shit!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
Now you get three video clips of POWERHÄUS for your enjoyment and so that you know about this brilliant and great band and that you can asap go out and buy their album from where the hell ever you still today may can get it. And you now get the clips (or what here and now shall be called so) of the POWERHÄUS anthems of the titles of "LOST", "SYMBOLS", and "IN TIME", and hell yeahr, incredible strong and mighty hymns anyway all the way. Check them out, right now, right here, POWERHÄUS in ya face!!!




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  1. You for got Final War. This band/project is actually...The singer and guitarist of BFG and the singer/guitarist and drummer of FW.