Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

MÖBBEL OIMEL praising the "GLORY BRITISH Oi!" we all hold dear to the heart!!!

Hey folks, I'm currently pretty short at time (can I say it so?!?) and so it's just a 'Videos' posting that I now have here for ya. And finally it's some damn good Oi! Oi! Oi! music again. I have no clue what this is all about but some time ago I stumbled while I was surfing through the web over this band and song. The band is named, so it seems, MÖBBEL OIMEL and even I have no clue what nationality this band is all about (could be some 'spanish rooted' singing or something pretty similiar to this) I hope that I don't 'hurt' anybody but this bandname is one of the most stupid that I've ever heard in my life (in case that this is the name of the band, but that's how it seems... more or less) and why a band that seems not to be from at least somewhere in Britain does a song called "GLORY BRITISH Oi!" might also be a question left open (but maybe it's just about paying tribute to the roots of our music... I know, clever, right?!?) but forget about all this, because this is a great battle scarred Oi! Oi! Oi! stomping anthem. I found this video quite a while ago but just got it now done to bring it up here (don't ask me why... I'm a busy guy;-)...) and I thought I would find something about this band and all but I wasn't lucky with making this ambitions become true, sorry, and that's why I can't tell ya more about it all here and now. So if anyone out there knows more about it just let me know it via leaving a comment (here) or sending me a message (through MySpace or Facebook, for example). I would love to hear more from MÖBBEL OIMEL and if this band got a record out I think I would love to call one copy of it my own. Maybe also this MÖBBEL OIMEL thing is just a profile name for some uploading guy on YouTube, I don't know, I just know that I love this song (despise the stupid "Fuck U.S.A.!!!" chant) and unfortunately I don't know who've done it (somehow I can't help myself that MÖBBEL OIMEL can't be a bandname at all, it's too stupid after everything), so yes, if MÖBBEL OIMEL now is a band (and the band that's done this song) or maybe not, it doesn't matter that much at all right now... If anyone has some proper informations about the band and song featured here and coming now for ya then please just help me out of this mess via above mentioned 'helping-actions'. Thanks a lot!!! And for now just enjoy this great song!!! If you love Oi! (how could ya not?!?), then you will love this one coming now for ya, too!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!


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  1. Möbbel Oimel is a band from Basque Country (not Spain). It was created by components of other groups and they only have recorded this song for the recopilation "Bardulia Sound" (recopilation of some groups of the Basque Country). Now a days the project is stagnant, but may be some day they will return. You can download it at my blog.