Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Let the FIRE burn!!!

CDC - "BURN" ("Filled With Hate Records"; CD):
Ah, and now to some really nice Hardcore. Okay, not 'nice', but brutal, harsh, angry, and pissed off Hardcore between Beatdown Hardcore and metallic New School Hardcore the 1990's way. Very neurotic and aggressive vocals, that perfectly suit the militant lyrics, backupped by a very good band putting out some devastating and clever arranged (not your ordinary songwriting!!!) Hardcore music. Very cool, and a truly good done job!!! I like it, and I hope that I will hear soon more of CDC than just this five songs here!!! So guys come on, hurry up!!! It all comes with damn good critical lyrics, a fuckin' great artwork, and in a very fat and hard production sound. Give 'em a try, it will be worth the time!!! (8 of 10 Points)

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