Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Liberation to the Basque region!!!

AGGRESSIVE FORCE - "SURVIVE" ("True Force Records"/"Bandworm Records"/"Anfibio Records"/"Teletexo Records"; CD):
So now let's take a trip down to spain. Here we have some good Oi! from this southeuropean country. A lot of a strong Streetpunk flair and taste in/to it with a lot of fine Sing-A-Long-Fist-In-The-Air parts in it, all combined with some sharp and heavy, yet melodic and damn good guitar work and a powerful rhythm section, all in a more up tempo way played. Two singers on top of it, one with a good rough voice who's bringing a lot of a pissed off attitude in the sound of AGGRESSIVE COMBAT, and a more "sweet" singing guy who's mainly doing the background vocal parts, and he also does a good job. It's all very hymnal, and it's all good played and very nice done, so you'll find not many negative points to it, maybe just that there are only five songs on this CD, a four song tracklist and a 'secret' bonus track (plus a CPU video clip). Good lyrics (about the Skinhead Way of Life, some "Pub Stories", friendship and the wrong ways the Working Class took in the past up to today), and a very good artwork and a good production sound make it a nice round package, and you should give this Basque Separatists really a fair try, you won't feel sorry after it. Good job!!! (8 of 10 points)

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