Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

Sometimes even Criminals are Blue Collar...

BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS - "Kindred Spirits & Unheard Cries" ("H8 Piece Recods"; CD):
Here we have another record of the "H8 Piece Records" label. With the "Axe To Grind" record of IRON GUTS KELLY the first release of this label that I used to call my own. And I'm still damn glad, that I own this excellent piece of music. This is the first record of this group (or at least for what I know), and I think, that there should be already a new record of them out, again on "H8 Piece Records". I hope it will be possible to get it here in Germany finally very soon, 'cause I really just need to hear it!!! What do we get here?!? Damn great American Oi!, roaring with loads of tons of power, strength, and militant respectively violent attitude from out of Arizona. A lot of awesome Oi! bands were coming out of the state of Arizona, just to name the just brilliant FAT SKINS and the harsh bulldozer Oi! troup of LAST LAUGH. And the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS truly carry on this reputable and proud tradition. Dustdry, boneshaking, lively, fuckin' hard, and well versed American Oi!, grim forward driven by the sharp and unerring guitar playing, and stamped by the hard and throaty vocals: Just great!!! The rhythm section (drums, bass) is mixing the concrete, from which the music of this guys is hitting you fuckin' hard, fast, and dirty. We do also get a lot of hymnal and full Sing-A-Longs and Crew Shouts, to make it a very nice round package. Ah, maybe you can say, that if you're into the music of acts like the above mentioned FAT SKINS and LAST LAUGH, if you like what you get to hear from the ALLEGED BRICKS and from the SMASH POINTS, and if you melt it all together, cultivate the melting result with some DISCIPLINE notes, and round it up with a huge self-reliance, then you really need to get to know the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS. A fuckin' great band!!! Check 'em out!!! On top we do get a bunch of damn great lyrics (about the Skinhead/Oi!/Bootboy Way of Life, 'Law & Order'-Violence, Thug Lifestyle, Working Class issues, drinking Alcohol, and personal stuff), a very cool artwork, and it all comes in a very good production sound. It's all very well done!!! Ah, and there are also two covers, done by the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS here. We do get "Violence in our Minds" of THE LAST RESORT (okay, I don't know how many times I've got coverversions of this songs to hear, but at least the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS had done a very good job) and the great "Walk of Life" of the awesome DIRE STRAITS (and that's what I call a really cool and interesting thing, a fuckin' nice suprise, and of course, the cover is done truly in a great way). So, there's nothing left to say at this point, except: Get it!!!
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Ah, I've forgotten to name a Contact opportunity for IRON GUTS KELLY in the blog entry before, so here it comes: http://www.myspace.com/irongutskelly)
And here comes a link that should lead you to the "H8 Piece Records" label: http://www.myspace.com/8piecerecords.

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