Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR - "PHOENIX" & "PROTECT YA CHEST" (Hardcore 4 life!!!) (***Video/-s***)

Whoooaaaa chummers, that's a monster band, awesome straight in your face Hardcore played the Tough Guy and Beatdown way by some pissed off angry and mean roughnecks that got together under the banner of RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR. Discovered them the last days at YouTube and they really took me by storm. BIOHAZARD meets SHATTERED REALM, TOETAG meets MADBALL, CREEPOUT meets FOR MY ENEMY or so I would say, yehp, and if ya're into that stuff then also RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR will totally rock yar socks off!!! The typical Gangstyle Videos also rule totally and anyhow anyway I love stuff like this absolutely. Amazing shit, awsome stuff, and I desperately really and truly have to get my hands on an album or so of them. Okay, so far for now just check the songs and the clips out and just fucking enjoy this stuff. Currently I know nothing more about RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR (maybe just that they are maybe from Japan, guess so), but I'm about to change these facts. And if ya know something else or more about 'em just stop by and drop a line. Thanks!!! Great, great band, just check them out!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!



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