Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

BROILERS - ''SANTA MUERTE'' (released via "People Like You Records" back then in the summer of 2011)

("People Like You Records"; CD):
One of the more or less many or at least not so less/few albums released in 2011 that I didn't manage to write down as an review and post it up here since then and beside some already pretty new stuff I will finally get myself worked through it all. First up will be the BROILERS from Düsseldorf, Germany that came a long way from rough'n'tough German Brickwall Oi! over melodic SKA and Offbeat as well as Rock'n'Roll influenced (Street-) Punkrock to diverse more or less ''punky'' and ''reggae-ish'' inspired German Rock music to what they finally came to do with this album up here, ''poppy'' as well as ''punky'' and SKA/Reggae/Offbeat inspired, Folk influenced and Rock & Roll/Rockabilly styled German Rock music that's very diverse, multi-layered, well-versed, grapping, exciting, emotional and, yes, very ''mainstream-compatibel'' (what-ever this now may anyhow mean). That the BROILERS of today aren't anyhow comparable to the BROILERS of yesterday should be clear for anyone and I won't go into it here and now anymore. The BROILERS today sound like a mixture out of THE CLASH (think about much "COMBAT ROCK" and few "LONDON CALLING" marks), THE DEAD 60'S and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN melted together with the pretty if not very own style they developed since the masterpiece "LO.FI" over the by far overrated "VANITAS RECORDINGS" to this their current release. The music is focussed around the great developed clean and clear, melodic and emotional, rich on variations and expressions being vocals, the exciting multi-layered guitar work, and suprising twists and turns, not to forget about the very compact and incredible tight and great flowing songwriting and just brilliant lyrics. It comes up close to "LO.FI" and is by lightyears ahead of the "VANITAS RECORDINGS", or maybe... just to say it short and precise... maybe the best BROILERS album to date and a monster of an album that you simply have to discover, lyrically (all done in german) as well as musically. Awesome lyrics, a great production sound and a pure beauty of an artwork. This was for me one of the best top ten albums of 2011 and a huge and positive and exciting suprise, so much shall be already said and written down here and now. Amazing!!! Also an LP as well as an limited CD version had also been released of this album, and the album was (just in case you may find it interesting) also pretty high up in the german record charts. (10 of 10 points)

BROILERS - "HARTER WEG"(the giant opener of the album)

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