Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

DEVASTATED - "DEMO 2011" (D.I.Y. Crustcore from Slovenia brought to light in 2011 + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Okay, here's another band I've stumbled upon lately due to sites like Bandcamp and stuff comparable to it and after by the end of the last year my interest in and love for Crustcore musick simply used to awake again it won't make you wonder that much that this here is finally some Crust stuff again. It's the current demo release by this long running band from Slovenia that is to get for free via an Download at their Bandcamp site (the link you will find closing this post) and was done and released back then in 2011 all the D.I.Y. way. And today you can also find it online and the damn good "CRUST DEMOS" blogspot site ( also features it with a I think so by the band authorized download opportunity. And to get the download you should do promptly, not because it's for free, but because DEVASTATED totally rule, period. Hard raging, sharp hitting, (Har-) Core fueled, D-Beat bred and Metal inspired devastating Crustcore on a very high level of skills which means the technical aspects as well as the awesome songwriting and the production niveau, too. Great stuff!!! Somewhere between pretty much DISGUST (someone out there remembers their almighty "A WORLD OF NO BEAUTY" full length album... amazing) and some few EXTREME NOISE TERROR as well as DISCHARGE notes, but all enriched with a huge dose of their totally very own stuff like apocalyptic acoustic guitar intros and just pure great long running guitar solos that are truly just awesome done and no guitar wack off bullshit. Forceful and incredible heavy and harsh and sinister and intense double guitar work, aggressive and brutal harsh shouted vocals, and a rhythm section that's just an pure apocalyptic inferno of savagely raging D-Beat Crustcore violence the über-brutal way, and all nicely pretty unique and characteristic, roamed by a sinister and dark yet aggressive and offending intense atmosphere. It all comes in a great production sound, with great artwork and the lyrics aren't part of the download but you can get them while you are listening to the songs and they are also totally good stuff. Five songs in something nearly around fifteen minutes at all we get here by DEVASTATION, five songs with the titles of "VIEW YOUR MISERY", "UNHUMAN TORTURE", "NOTHING HERE REMAINS", "LONGING FOR LIFE" and "DEAD MAN WALKING". Anyway, don't think twice anymore, better just get it, period. Cheers!!! (9 of 10 points)

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