Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

BERSERKER - "REINKARNATION" (German Metal/Rock from Berlin on "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS" to be released in 2012)

("Sunny Bastards Records"; CD):
Here's the new album of BERSERKER from Berlin that will be released this spring of 2012 or so and this is a promo copy CD and so I don't have a clou if artwork (okay) and production sound (good, for sure) have any meaning for the proper release but however it may finally be. Today they release their albums via "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS" and not via "KB RECORDS" anymore but who cares. I have a old album of BERSERKER titled "KEIN BLICK ZURÜCK" or something like this released three or four albums before this one here (and back then still the D.I.Y. way, I guess) and compared with this album the new one here is a damn heavy and metallic one and the slogan of the band that goes "Stay Brutal!" they seem to want to backen up desperately. Anyway, BERSERKER were one of the uncountable bands that came up off ''big'' after the decline of the BÖHSE ONKELZ now already quite a few years ago trying to participate of and from the legacy of the B.O. and even they played it pretty heavy right and straight from the start they had always been a German Rock band in the tradition of the mid to (very) late B.O. and they are this also today. But this far more heavy and quite a big bit metallic so that they turn more and more from German Rock to a German Metal band or something like this. Metallic and heavy guitars, gruff and grim grunted vocals (that sing us pretty ''brutal staying'' tales of the typical German Rock style and stuff...), pounding bass and marching drums, good technical skills of the musicians without a doubt, songwriting also works more or less good without too much blank holes, and if you throw beside the B.O. also MOTÖRHEAD, SLAYER and some but onl very few very current PRO-PAIN impressions into the mix then you are pretty much there in the camp BERSERKER. What they do they do pretty good without a doubt and they work also pretty hard without a doubt but also it leaves me totally ''cold'' and ''non-grapped'' without a doubt, too. After the quality is okay to better and maybe nearly good it's maybe just and only a case of personal taste... Or they aren't simply that good and necessary anyway at the very end of the day... Who cares... Anyway... German Rock fans (that like also Metal music and especially the mentioned bands) will love and celebrate this album, Metalheads maybe should risk an ear as well because they could find something interesting for them, hm, and suburban village style ''rebel'' kids that want to act hard and tough from time to time trying to be somehow brutal and then also trying to somehow stay this should also give it a try but for me this is nothing or so, I mean that I simply can't find a way into this whole German Rock stuff what also means BERSERKER and so I'm out of it. Maybe they are a good band or they are not after all but it's simply not my cup of tea, point and fact. Average stuff or something like this, nothing more, and then that's it. I'm out of it folks... (5 of 10 points)

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