Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

"PARADISE COVE" Issue No. # 01

(''Street R'n'r Zine'')
Issue No. # 01
(Price: 0,50 Euro)
Okay, here it is the first issue of the more or less new "BANDWORM RECORDS" own house zine named the "PARADISE COVE" after the CEO of this zine is named ''Paradise'' who is a well-known name from Germany in the national as well as the international Oi!, Streetpunk and Punkrock scenery and you maybe know him as a cover drawing artist and stuff like this and so on and on. This zine started as a free garnish on some few pages as a part of the regular "BANDWORM RECORDS" mailorder catalouge and then with the last year 2011 the first real issue as a zine saw the light of the day. It comes in the typical ''culty'' standard format of any zines and in a professional and full-coloured printed layout, written completely in german and in nice tongouing. Hm, after this is more or less the "BANDWORM RECORDS" own zine it should be pretty clear that this is also not at least but maybe even first and foremost some sort of a promotional affair for all the "BANDWORM RECORDS" bands out there and so in good and really nice to read but everything but anyway critical interviews and as well as via other sorts of introductions and so on here we do get stuff with the great PERKELE, the ''reanimated'' VOGELFREI, the pretty sympathic but totally everything but necessary ROTZ & WASSER, the totally retarded German Rock nutjobs of KÄRBHOLZ, the great RAZORBLADE (even their ''german album'' of the last year was and is and pretty much stays utter garbage), the highly overrated comedian ''Oi!'' band BERLINER WEISSE, as well as a very good Oi! in France special (titled "CHAOS EN FRANCE"), a GLEICHLAUFSCHWANKUNG special report, a nice but way too short American Oi! "WAX & VIOLENCE" special report, a Boni/BLUTIGER OSTEN column, some few record reviews, a DJ EMPEROR special record reviews corner, a promotional article for the "REBELLION FESTIVAL" in Blackpool, great Britain titled "THIS IS MY WORLD", some nice introduction words, a big bunch of News and a handful of record reviews, hm, and then that's it. All in all it's all damn pretty nice and anyway after this is some sort of a "BANDWORM RECORDS" promotional affair you all know what you get anyhow here. This is the first issue of this promo zine and anyway and knowing what you get this is a nice read anyhow, the second issue is since a short while also already released and I have it also so that a review of it will also come up here sooner or later and this means also that this zine here you can get today for free and so if you like to then order it and give it a try. Promo stuff? For sure. A good read anyway? Yes anyhow.

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