Montag, 6. Februar 2012

SKINFATHER - "ATHEOS" (Metallic Hardcore from California, U.S.A. - D.I.Y. Digital EP released in 2011)

(D.I.Y.; Digital EP):
Whoa, another monster by another young and promising band, this time out of the department of metallic Hardcore (and NOT fucking Metalcore) music, released by the end of 2011. Thanks to a friend I used to stumble upon them and today I saw that they are with a review of this bomber also featured on the as usual pretty brilliant "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" blog ( or directly via This EP is for all what I know currently just released as a digital EP for downloading it at the Bandcamp site of SKINFATHER for just paying around 2,00 U.S. $ (or if you like and want to for the price you want more to pay for it) and the link will follow closing this review post. I would love to see them or a proper label release this as well on a proper physical format. Okay, what are SKINFATHER giving here to us?!? A great and very unique and stand-alone mixture out of INTEGRITY and ROT IN HELL and PULLING TEETH on the one side, and old ENTOMBED as well as DISMEMBER and some few short notes of old and early UNLEASHED as well as EDGE OF SANITY on the other side, blended with some SLAYER reminiscences and cultivated by some few old WOLFPACK marks, so metallic Hardcore mixed with Old School Sverige Death Metal, some SLAYER-esque Thrash Metal vibes and few well developed Crustcore notes in it we do get here by SKINFATHER. All dominated by the giant guitar work, no matter if you take the awesome riffing work or the amazing leads and solos, just damn fucking great, the damn charismatic vocals that sound like a hatefilled mixture out of the lead vocal work you can listen to on the larger than life DISMEMBER classic "MASSIVE KILLING CAPACITY", the ENTOMBED milestone and groundbreaker "WOLVERINE BLUES", the charismatic throaty spitted grunts of the "ACROSS THE OPEN SEA" masterpiece of UNLEASHED and the total hate inferno we get aware of on the WOLFPACK debut "A NEW DAWN FADES", and the bass is just phenomenal great distorted heavy cost, and the drumming is tight as fuck and just sheer intensity. I fucking love this shit and I would really love to see SKINFATHER coming off with far more of their noise of this quality very soon. The lyrics are some mean and nasty anti-christian occult stuff like you may get by the titles of the in total five songs we do get here ("CHRIST DISEASE", "UNBURIAL RITES", "SLAVE TO FAITH", "DEAD DEITY" and "ATHEOS"), and the production sound is a dirty and raw yet heavy and "fat" bastard, and the artwork (/logo) got a decent and also a very cool look. Even it now may seems that the Metal influneces totally take the lead here on this one that's not correct because the Hardcore really is the dominant key factor here and that's why I write about metallic Hardcore and NOT some Metalcore stuff or so, nah, don't get anything wrong here and now, ah, and in the title track SKINFATHER also shine with some few short SLUDGE CORE a la EYE HATE GOD notes through, great, more of this, please. Get this digital EP and support this awesome band, that's truly what you now should do, point and fact!!! Great!!! (9 of 10 points)

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